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Comment Not very impressed, am I missing something? (Score 1) 105

Wow little did I know I was withing spitting distance of the World record on the Autobahn with a Passat TDI using biodiesel from a standard gas station. This is a weak record. The taureg v10 can do 230kph stock with bio diesel. And the Baja racing v12 with !!6X!! as much Horse power and half the weight of the standard edition (and 200% the horsepower of this 'record winner') would crush this record.


Submission + - Dinosaur Feathers Found in Amber (discovery.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A stunning array of prehistoric feathers, including dinosaur protofeathers, has been discovered in Late Cretaceous amber from Canada. The 78 to 79-million-year-old amber preserved the feathers in vivid detail, including some of their diverse colors.

Submission + - Efficient way to Archive Snail mail

Darkfred writes: I have a decent printer/fax/copier that can take stacks of paper and spit out pdf files. I would love to be able to use this to archive my snail mail in a semi-automatic fashion. I am looking for software or a web service that will Split, OCR, Date and Search these letters with minimal prompting. I know it's possible to make a tool chain of free software to get basically this functionality, with a huge time investment, but I would be willing to pay for a turn-key solution.
The Internet

Submission + - TECHTT: Amazon.com Redesigned (hassantt.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Amazon.com Redesigned. Posted by Hassan Voyeau on Sunday, September 11, 2011. Early this month we were informed through the grapevine that amazon.com was going to launch a website design. Below are a ...

Submission + - Cleverbot Passes Turing Test (geekosystem.com)

kruhft writes: "It seems that Cleverbot, the chatbot so ready to admit that it was a unicorn during a discussion with itself, has passed the Turing test. This past Sunday, the 1334 votes from a Turing test held at the Techniche festival in Guwahati, India were released. They revealed that Cleverbot was voted to be human 59.3% of the time. Real humans did only slightly better and were assumed to be humans 63.3% of the time. That being the case, Cleverbot's success in conning people into thinking it was human is greater than chance, and therefore, one could argue that it has technically passed the Turning test."

Comment Re:So it doesn't do anything yet. (Score 1) 87

Yes because 250k is going to completely pay for 3 years of aviation and materials science work. Less than the cost of a single small assembly line built aircraft. We should have thought of this earlier. I am sure companies would be willing to put up a cool 2 million for passenger jets. We've been doing it wrong.


Submission + - Creepy Stalking App Explained by Author (thinq.co.uk) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Creepy, a package described as a 'geolocation information aggregator,' is turning heads in privacy circles, but should people be worried? Yiannis Kakavas explains why he developed his scary stalking application.

Creepy is a software package for Linux or Windows — with a Mac OS X port in the works — that aims to gather public information on a targeted individual via social networking services in order to pinpoint their location. It's remarkably efficient at its job, even in its current early form, and certainly lives up to its name when you see it in use for the first time.


Submission + - Tesla Sues BBC's Top Gear For Libel (allcarselectric.com) 3

thecarchik writes: About two years ago BBC's Top Gear aired a test drive of the then relatively new Tesla Roadster. In the particular episode, Tesla Roadsters are depicted as suffering several critical “breakdowns” during track driving. Host Jeremy Clarkson concludes the episode by saying that in the real world the Roadster "doesn’t seem to work"

Tesla claims that the breakdowns were staged, making most of Top Gear'(TM)s remarks about the Roadster untrue. Tesla also states that it can prove Top Gear’s tests were falsified due to the recordings of its cars’ onboard data-loggers.

What's Tesla asking for in the lawsuit? Tesla simply wants Top Gear to stop rebroadcasting the particular episode and to correct the record.

Comment Re:Warning! Prospective alert. (Score 1) 537

In Chernobyl 28 workers died of acute radiation poisoning within weeks. Within the first few years another 15 first responders died of direct effect cancers, thyroid cancer etc. 100,000 people were within the radiation zone and the rates of cancer among the population are 1% above normal. Of the 4000 people who died of cancer from the elevated radiation level population we can only attribute 30 of those deaths to the increased radiation level based on general population cancer rates.

So It was not a disaster in slow motion. The majority of the deaths from Chernobyl happened within the first week. Deaths in the first week in Japan, 0.

Comment Re:Pry my curly brackets from my cold dead hands (Score 1) 444

Blocks: I don't care how you denote them but DENOTE them. Seems that language developers these days are trying to reinvent fortran. Not exactly the model of fast error free programming.

For scanning speed I would prefer a single character bracket, quote, parenthesis whatever vs multi character tags. But as long as there is some opening and closing for which I can receive syntax errors rather than silent bugs I am happy.

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