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Submission + - Cox Comm. injects code into customers' web traffic to announce email outage ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: Cox Communications appears to be injecting JavaScript and HTML into subscriber's traffic, as part of their effort to announce an email service outage. Pictures showing the popup:

An Electron Microscope For Your Home? 125

CuteSteveJobs writes "Could microscopy be in for a new golden age? Wired previewed the desktop-sized Hitachi TM-1000 Electron Microscope a while back. Light microscopes can magnify up to 400X (1,000X at lower quality) — just enough to see bacteria as shapes — but this one offers 20X to 10,000X, giving some amazing pictures. Unlike traditional electron microscopes, this one plugs into a domestic power socket and specimens don't need any special preparation; it's point-and-shoot, much like your typical digital camera. So easy a grade-schooler could use it, and earlier this year that's what happened: The kids at Iwanuma Elementary School in Miyagi, Japan got their own electron microscope. At $60,000, you'll have to give up on the BMW, but the hope is with economy of scale (so far 1,000 have sold) and miniaturization, the price will continue to drop. The only bad news? It runs XP."

Submission + - Writers strike could be over! (

BlueshiftVFX writes: A deal has been struck between the major media companies and the Writers Guild of America to end the writers' strike, former Walt Disney chief executive Michael Eisner revealed on CNBC.

"It's over," Eisner said. "They made the deal, they shook hands on the deal. It's going on Saturday to the writers in general."

"A deal has been made, and they'll be back to work very soon," Eisner said, adding, "I know a deal's been made. I know it's over."

Now Battlestar Galactica can have it's proper finale.


Submission + - Mysterious $2B in Homeland Security Budget (

An anonymous reader writes: There is an extra $2B in Bush's Homeland Security Research and Development budget posted at I think you'll agree it is amazing that this hasn't come out yet. The money is probably supposed to go to Project Bioshield, but who knows. It's weird b/c it is in the facilities and equipment section of the budget.

Linux Kernel 2.6.24 Released 108

LinuxFan writes "Linus Torvalds has released the 2.6.24 Linux Kernel, noting that he and most of the other key Linux developers will be flying to a conference in Australia for the next week. As the whole team will be down under while the kernel is being tested by the masses, Linus added, "Let's hope it's a good one". What's new in the latest release includes an optimized CFQ scheduler, numerous new wireless drivers, tickless kernel support for the x86-64 and PPC architectures, and much more. Time to download and start compiling."

Submission + - Backup solutions for a home network 1

Psychotria writes: I know that this has probably been asked on Slashdot before, but not for a while. I currently have 6 computers in my home — three Linux boxes, a window box and an OSX laptop. I am considering buying another box dedicated to backing-up each of these computers on the network. My question is: Is there a Linux application that can achieve this? Ideally, I would like to turn the "backup box" on once a day and do incremental backups of selected areas on each of the machines mentioned above. Would I need to configure SMB shares to do this, or is there some magic application which will allow me to achieve this?
United States

Diebold Voter Fraud Rumors in New Hampshire Primaries 861

Westech writes "Multiple indications of vote fraud are beginning to pop up regarding the New Hampshire primary elections. Roughly 80% of New Hampshire precincts use Diebold machines, while the remaining 20% are hand counted. A Black Box Voting contributor has compiled a chart of results from hand counted precincts vs. results from machine counted precincts. In machine counted precincts, Clinton beat Obama by almost 5%. In hand counted precincts, Obama beat Clinton by over 4%, which closely matches the scientific polls that were conducted leading up to the election. Another issue is the Republican results from Sutton precinct. The final results showed Ron Paul with 0 votes in Sutton. The next day a Ron Paul supporter came forward claiming that both she and several of her family members had voted for Ron Paul in Sutton. Black Box Voting reports that after being asked about the discrepancy Sutton officials decided that Ron Paul actually received 31 votes in Sutton, but they were left off of the tally sheet due to 'human error.'"

Submission + - Swedish MPs: Legalizing File Sharing Only Solution ( 1

CrystalFalcon writes: In the past week, the file sharing debate has exploded in Sweden, with numerous mainstream politicians finally having understood the issue. Last week, seven Swedish MPs wrote a prominent opinion piece saying that fully legalized file sharing is not just the best, but the only solution. Now, that number has increased to 13, and the issue seems to keep growing. Good summaries at TorrentFreak and P2P Consortium. Original opinion piece in English here.

Submission + - End of 32 Bit Time Problem 1

georgetirebiter writes: "At least one large, very successful financial services organization in the last few days fell victim to the Unix year 2038 problem when trying to create a standard 30 year risk contract in their proprietary financial software. The problem occurred when trying to make a standard time call in sql. I wonder how many other programmers have had to try to solve this problem in legacy systems? What solutions did they use? Is this really an incipient and perhaps more serious successor to the Y2K bug?"

Submission + - Open source has sec flaw every 1000 lines of code

Stony Stevenson writes: Open source code tends to contain one security exposure for every 1,000 lines of code, according to a program launched by the Department of Homeland Security to review and tighten up open source code's security. Popular open source projects, such as Samba, the PHP, Perl, and Tcl dynamic languages used to bind together elements of Web sites, and Amanda, the popular open source backup and recovery software running on half a million servers, were all found to have dozens or hundreds of security exposures and quality defects. A total of 7,826 open source project defects have been fixed through the Homeland Security review, or one every two hours since it was launched in 2006, according to David Maxwell, open source strategist for Coverity, maker of the source code checking system, the Prevent Software Quality System, that's being used in the review.

Submission + - Paramount to Drop HD DVD (

zeromemory writes: "The Financial Times reports that "Paramount is poised to drop its support of HD DVD after Warner Brothers' recent backing of Sony's Blu-ray technology, in a move that will sound the death knell of HD DVD and bring the home entertainment format war to a definitive end." According to the Times, Warner Brother's recent defection to Blu-Ray allowed Paramount to terminate their exclusive relationship with HD DVD. Universal Studios remains the only major studio to exclusively support the HD DVD format, though rumors have surfaced that their contract may also contain a termination provision similar to that exercised by Paramount."

Submission + - Recent Valve Region Locking?

dalboz writes: I just received this email from Dungeon Crawl, an Australian online games retailer. Is it true that Valve have introduced new region locking as recently as last week?

Dear customer,

In the last few days we have received multiple emails about the versions
of Half Life Orange Box and Counter Strike Source we have been selling.

The following error has occurred when customers have attempted to install
their game:

"This product code is only valid for Russia and nearby territories. Since
you are not currently in that region, this product code cannot be activated."

We can assure customers that the products are not Russian, this is Valve
lying to the end-user. We have supplied you with Asia region official products
that were fully Australian compatible up until a few days ago. Up until last
week, we had sold hundreds of each product to 100% satisfied Australians,
this reflected in our perfect feedback for these items.

Just this week, Valve decided to put in place previously non-existent region
restrictions on these products that will restrict new accounts. Now, every
single version of Half Life Orange Box, CS Source and related steam titles
cannot be activated unless the product code being used matches the exact
territory it is being activated in.

This is not a case of Valve blocking cheap Russian copies, they are region
locking every single official version so that they can force each territory
to pay a different price. This kind of region locking with PC games is previously
unheard of. It represents a new low for the game industry and a new high
point for publisher greed, with Valve now forcing Australians to pay RRP

Unfortunately, this all means that we must undertake to accept returns of
these products from all customers who have bought from us and are experiencing
the above problem with their product key.

Please return your product in its original condition (including full packaging)
& the new cd-key to:

Dungeon Crawl Pty Ltd
PO Box 904
Sunshine Post Shop, Victoria 3020

Bear in mind that before a refund is issued all cd-keys will be tested for
the above error. The product key must be new and not be attached to an existing
steam account.

We apologise greatly for the inconvenience and disappointment this has caused.

The publisher has demonstrated complete contempt for us (the reseller) and
you (the end-user) by region locking a product without warning and months
after release.

We may never again stock Valve products and encourage customers to reconsider
supporting a publisher which repeatedly attempts to manipulate the market
at the expense of the average gamer.

Thankyou for your patience,
Dungeon Crawl

Submission + - Microwave Converts Waste to Fuel (

sterlingda writes: "Global Resource Corp's High-Frequency Attenuating Wave Kinetics (HAWK) recycler extracts oil and gas in seconds from most everyday objects like tires, plastic cups, as well as from shale, coal, and tar sands. Microwaves tuned to an optimum frequency separate the component parts which can be burned or condensed into liquid fuel, using only a small portion of the energy produced."

Submission + - Nintendo Wii Fully Hacked at 24C3, runs Homebrew (

cHALiTO writes: "From the site:
The guys over at 24C3 just demoed a Wii hack that is set to provide native Wii homebrew in the near future (not running in GC mode, and with full access to all the Wii hardware!)
They were able to find encryption and decryption keys by doing full memory dumps at runtime over a custom serial interface. Using these keys, they were able to create a Wii 'game' that ran their own code (their demo happened to show live sensor/Wiimote information, amongst a few other things).
Read here and watch video here."

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