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Comment Re:3D was a thing? (Score 1) 379

I am going to throw in with the parent here. When I watch TV I want to be comfortable and relax. Glasses don't maximize comfort, and in fact kinda suck a lot if you decide to stretch out on the sofa and need to lay on your side to face the TV. Pillows and glasses are basically incompatible.

If I have to wear glasses to watch something, I am going to watch something else

Comment Re:Threshold (Score 1) 409

Trade school can be a good thing. There are a lot of people who are plenty capable and interested that can for whatever reason not manage to learn to learn on their own. They simply need to be lead. There is an even larger number of people who are interested in something but simply could not invest in the technology and equipment need to learn on their own. Trade schools are a good match for both groups and there is a lot of overlap between both groups as well.

I am not saying there isn't value in a liberal arts degree and that some people don't need them to do what they do. Most people can't put food on the table using their ability to critique of renaissance art however or with their knowledge of western history.

What everyone really does need is a solid foundation in reading, physical science, and basic maths (like up thru calculus), a solid grasp of chemistry and physics won't hurt but might be more disposable. We *should* be getting these things from our secondary education system. The trouble is many people are not, and rather than addressing the question why can leave high school without being able to apply algebra, they want to teach everyone python! That is a problem. Its been a problem too for decades now colleges have been simply reducing their exceptions for freshmen and adding remedial classes to compensate. The real reason nobody can get a job without a college degree now is: I really don't know that you have the skills to make a proper cup of coffee if you have only a high school diploma.

Comment Snowden (Score 4, Insightful) 382

Manning and Snowden are simply not comparable at all.

Snowden for his one personal beliefs about the legality and morality of the situation acted. Yes he did violate the law but that was after he attempted to use the proper channels and was shut down. When he finally did go to the press/public he made arrangements to filter, redact, and limit the release of the material with the help of a few trusted press agents. It was of course necessary to disclose some secrets because without doing so the public/press would have little to no way to affirm the credibility of anything he was saying about the existence of the invasive domestic spying programs.

Manning was entirely different. He basically was talked into doing what he did, and had help of an external actor. His reasons appear to be more born out of a desire to personally get even with 'the system' than to be a reformer. He made no effort to use the proper channels that we know of and little effort to control the release of material. He certainly took no personal responsibility for material handing it all to wikileaks with no judgement of his own about what was or was not to harmful to leak.

Finally Snowden's leaks might have harmed intelligence gathering efforts, disclosing methods and capabilities but they did not out people as Manning's leaks almost certainly did. There is cause to believe lives may have been lost due to Manning's leaks. That issue alone should make it a very different discussion about pardoning him, and the moral justification for his actions.

I can see a pardon or reduced sentence for Snowden but there is no way I would ever let Manning out of the clink.

Comment Re:Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1, Insightful) 382

No you are by referring to her as Chelsea. Manning has a number of serious mental illnesses and you are not helping him by enabling his delusions or lending credibility to the charlatans currently in charge of his care.

Rather than helping him get healthy so he can one day go on to have a family if he so chooses you are allowing him to do irrevocable harm to his body, that is sure to leave him sterile and shorten his own life. People like you are terrible human beings. Your willingness to prey upon sick to advance your political agenda makes you the worst kind of monster in my book.

Comment Re:Now this is just getting stupid (Score 1) 564

I had ones that could do that but it was very slow and you certainly could not just say "play track 5". I have a turn table with a laser that shines on the disk and a photo sensor that can detect the level of reflected light. Its able to find tracks about 90% of the time. It moves the tone arm to the edge of the disk, and scans across counting the blanks spaces, its pretty fast. Once it counts the right number of spaces it drops the tone arm.

Its not CD player fast by any means but its way fast than seek on any consumer tape desk has ever worked.

Comment My art is shit (Score 3, Insightful) 564

"Tapes were biggest mostly in noise and hardcore, where the fact that they were degraded was almost kind of an asset," says Keyes. "Because it made it sound muddier and screwed with the dynamics and the sound in an interesting way."

Translation the artistic works are so poor and of so little value its better if you don't look or listen to closely.

Comment Now this is just getting stupid (Score 1) 564

Compact Cassettes are nothing but entirely obsolete. Unlike vinyl which might in some cases have desirable audio characteristics compared with an compresses digital audio file, or even a CD. Cassettes just SUCK period full stop.

They are less seekable than even vinyl (which is quite seekable if you have good turn table) They are all sorts of problems with streching and temperature variation. They don't really have all that great a bandwidth, frequency response. They are fragile. All in all nobody should want to use one of these for anything anymore. It was nice when it was the only technology that could offer portability with good capacity, and good enough reliability (things 8-track did even worse).

What's next 8-track coming back too.

There is nostalgia and there is nonsense, and cassettes belong in the nonsense category.

Comment Re:Mystery solved (Score 1) 133

And your gender is determined not in some magical early moment but quite late in foetal development

Um no, actually gender/sec (hint they are not really different) are determined the moment of conception and depend on what mix of chromosomes you get. Popular variations include X and Y, X and X, but sometimes things like X and X and Y happen.

Its true that sex differentiated foetal development occurs late, that is to say sex specific structures emerge late.

Comment Re:Breadth & Accuracy 120 years ago (Score 1) 436

It shows deep ignorance to equate higher education with some religious cult.

Really why? There is plenty of evidence to show political influence over research. Consider all those social sciences, economics, etc, that fail repeatedly to explain events in society or markets. Things might not be as bad in the physical science space but its essentially a fact that litmus tests exists. All those smelly hippies from the 60's staged their little disruption campaigns and forced curriculum to change they then got their PHDs etc and filled in the academic structure as the old guard aged out. Now outside of a few religious affiliated institutions just try getting anywhere with a conservative view point on any issue.

Its not at all clear where the corruption is or how far its tentacles spread. Much like a number of Washington institutions at this point the only answer is burn it all down and start over. You can't trust them anymore and there is no fixing it.

Comment Re:And This is What Mismanagement Looks Like (Score 2) 401

Mayer wasn't a raider CEO and she didn't try to pump up short term valuation. Quite the opposite, she tried to find some way to build real value in what was clearly a moribund company. I'm not saying she did a good job -- it's entirely possible that a good CEO could have found a way to preserve and grow Yahoo.

I think Mayer got distracted being a member of the SI valley glitterati and doing appearances on women's talk shows.

That said the real problem was GREED. The way to 'save' yahoo was probable to accept that there was no direct path back to the glory days. The had some good performant properties like flickr and tumblr. Things like maps and mail could still probably make enough page views to justify the operation. They should have dumped/sold off the rest and been a smaller company with a strong brand and little dry powder in the bank to ready to buy a startup property that made some sense when the saw it. Investors would never all that though. They'd demand any capital raised from sales be returned as dividends and would sell their shares at the mention of even a short term organic growth strategy. So in a real sense Mayer's hands were tied, but hubris probably would have driven her to try and play miracle worker anyway; hence Alibaba

Comment Re:Yahoo brand (Score 1) 401

Isn't that what people were trying to avoid using Yahoo mail?

The only real way to deal with it if you care that much about it is to own a domain. You don't necessarily have to host your own mail provided you have the capability and will to backup the mailboxes you care about if you have to move providers. There are plenty of people like Google or Microsoft who will host your mail. As long as you control the domain though you retain the capability to take your business elsewhere.

Otherwise you are tied to mail provider and your going to take the ride thru their M&As and bone headed UI experiments, or other misbehavior.

Comment Re:How to get it in future? Where is it lodged? (Score 2) 397

"gender nonconformity" is a little girl who like to play with toy firetrucks, or a teenage boy who wants to be on the cheer squad, or college women that want to play football. There nothing wrong with any of those things.

There is something wrong when it moves from "i like doing things more typically associated with the other gender" to "I think I really am a..." and there is no present chromosomal abnormality. What could be more distressing than thinking you are in the wrong body, and being willing to take all sorts of hormones and other treatments that have down right nasty side effects is solid proof of that distress nobody would do that unless they thought they *needed* it. Given the need is imagined in all but the most unusual cases yes they have a disorder, even by DSM language.

DSM by the way seems to subject to a lot of political pressure and moods of the day. DSM4 had very different language on gay and transgender issues and there has been little in the way of advances in physical science on the issue since that was published.


Comment Re:How to get it in future? Where is it lodged? (Score 1) 397

You claim of bigotry might have wide support but where is your scientific evidence. Its been almost 30 years now since the human genome project, not gay gene. It could be environmental or developmental. When U Oregon was having some success 'curing' 'gay rams' LGBT activists jumped all over the research fearing what that could mean for people.

This is not at all like race where you are born with certain physical characteristics that result from your genetic makeup. Right now there is actually very little evidence to suggest that homosexuality isn't a choice or isn't simply a chemical or hormonal issue that could be altered with medication. Actually the only evidence I am aware of is that 'conversion therapy' does not seem to work. Considering all the 'conversion therapy' has been mostly based on unscientific ideas, carried out by poorly qualified practitioners that is not really surprising. I would not expect those groups to have a high degree of success treating any other mental illness either.

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