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Journal Journal: So, right... 1

Kind of had it with Slashdot. They banned my entire IP range again and again for over a week now, because someone on my ISP keeps screwing around. Ban expires, I get a few hours of access and after that it's gone again. Repeatedly reported the ban on my IP and asked for a solution, but nothing.

So, fuck Slashdot.

Now, let's give this Kuroshin thing a try...

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Journal Journal: Support Nintendo -- Sue camwhores! 1

Help Nintendo sue the living shit out of camwhores!

Temporary using my journal for this because the fools blocked my entire subnet after someone else from my ISP went wild. Yay.

Anyways, how would you feel to have a mediocre-looking goth girl ranting to you about death and Marilyn Manson? How would you like to PAY for it? How the hell can you get rid of bandwidth-drain caused by 30+ losers jacking of to a low-res overly bright pic of a chubby 30 year old goth-mom with flabby boobs? Would you like to tell these people that "free speech" does not equal "forcing your fat body on my monitor along with your flawed and irrelevant opinions about your life"*?

Help Nintendo sue them. Help them shut down the site or at least take a HUGE financial bite out of it. Some people don't like Viagra pill ads, some don't like ads about purple cars with tank tracks. I don't like ads about insecure goth moms posing en masse on some shitty website hoping that the attention of hundreds of lonely men ( who are all just there to see some T&A ) will make them feel better.

* .. You came here out of free will. If I put up ads all over the internet to try and force my opinion down your throath, feel free to yell at me and hit me with a stick for being a fuckwad. Until then, my point remains.

I can't even reply to my own damn journal anymore, but I can still post journal articles, ho hum. There's still plenty of ways to trolls slashdot even from a journal. Suppose someone could post some lovely little Scientologist bullshit on their journal, in which case Slashdot would be sued to hell and back again. Just an example of course, not going to do it myself. A bug? A design flaw? Who know; I'm sure as hell not going to report it, not after the lousy attitude they put up when I reported earlier bugs.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot Fuckups 16

Ah yes, Slashdot. Been here for a year or two. Don't really keep track to be honest with you people, considering the exact date isn't really that important unless you're really anal about a time-of-joining based hierachy. In which case, UIDs would be a better indicator of 'status' to start with, but I digress. This is nothing about the Slashdot pecking order but more about the current state of Slashdot

You see, back in those days things were different, to say the least. Sure, people flamed the living hell out of eachother, MS bashing was as common as always and the majority of people here worshipped their own nice little pantheon of OSS gods and goddesses. Though I'm not quite sure on the goddesses part, mind you. Hell, I'm talking about a pre-GNAA time, back when trolling consisted largely of posting poorly drawn ASCII penises reading "CmdrTaco was here" or something along the lines of that. Sure, Slashdot has it's share of 'oopsies' but that was understandable. I mean, it had 1000+ replies on ANY topic back then. 2500+ wasn't too uncommon and the number of posts marked 4+ sometimes reached in the 250 area, pretty much what nowadays is the total amount of posts at -1+...

But things were pretty good back then. Busy as always, different trolls ( Love you people btw ), massive amounts of dupes by the editors and no subscriptions. People were happy; after all, it's a free service and none of us were paying anything for it. What can be expected of something free which isn't loaded with ads, hmm? Sure, the occasional oopsies kept things interesting between all the articles. We all laughed at Tacos typos and the obligatory funny CBN option in random clever polls. Back then it was decent for a free, uncommercial service.

Today however, I think we can be a tad bit more critical of things. Slashdot started a suibscription system, so the usual argument of "But it's free!" can no longer be applied to the quality of this site. Oh, you're still free to join up and reg but let's face it; the subscribers to Slashdot end up with the same shit the rest of us non-paying people have to deal with. Oh, they don't get ads, true, but neither do I, thanks to Mozilla. Oh sure, subscribers get a few worthless extras thrown in, but it's not hard to imagine anyone actually gives a flying fuck about silly little things like being able to have more then 200 friends or searching your own post history.

But that's not the main thing I'm going to bitch about right now, no. I don't pay, never will pay either, that's my solution to this issue. No, the problem is the ads lately. Have you seen them? There are a few nice ads here, here and here. Ahh, but they don't look like ads, nooo... They are supposed to look like articles! It's fascinating, both us non-subscribers and subscribers have to deal with them. You're reading an article and something just doesn't seem right. It's too aimed at geeks, too professionally written. It smells of a PR stunt, it smells of a person at marketing who found Slashdot. And then you realize it, you're just reading a dumb ad disguised as another poor article. It's like CNN accepting news stories about how great product X is, from the creator of product X. Granted, CNN is ran by professional editors who actually read their own shit.

But there's more: What the fuck is up with the "Related Links" bit? Do the Slashdot people raelly think we're going to storm some OSTG sellout online store en masse? Or is this just some stupid idea that some halfwit at OSTG HQ got wedged up their ass after reading Forbes? Also, why do Slashdot people want to affiliate themselves with OSTG, which hosts great sites like ( Same shit as Slashdot, just with random buzzwords and more ads ) and Sourceforge ( Develop cheaper, outsource with Sourceforge! )? Shame really. I'd continue bitching but I'm done for now. Just saw the movie "Troy" and I needed to bitch for a few minutes. Sorry about that... Has anyone actually managed to read this far without stabbing themselves in the eyes? Does anyone read this shit to start with?

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Journal Journal: Slashdot alternatives? 5

Seriously, my patience has a limit and after this article, Slashdot just crossed that limit. I dont want to deal with Hemos' sad sense of humour. Coupled with the fact that the site still fails to render properly on mozilla from time to time, still has a broken and blatantly abused moderating system along with retarded and incompetent admins, I wish to know if there are any sites like Slashdot just without the retarded admins.

Thank you in advance,

- Seth

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Journal Journal: Personal crap on the internet. 5

Okay, so the last few years "blogging", apart from having an atrocious name, has become a fad. Fair enough, because in essence it's a good thing, allowing people to post stories on the internet and have others comment on it, without the retarded Slashdot admins or the GNAA trolls. Over time, some wonderful journals came online, with examples such as the MSDN journals and Groklaw. These sites function as portals for people to communicate, exchange ideas about certain subjects and to gather information from people who know what they are talking about.

Unforunately, journals are not limited to that.

The last few years also witnessed a massive rise in "personal" journals. Some of these are fairly tolerable and more or less make a fair bit of sense, communication wise. For example, a random 20 year old exchange student keeping track of stuff using a journal for friends at home. For things like that, personal journals work nicely enough and serve a purpose. It sure as hell beats phoning all your friends and telling them all the same story about your latest stunt as a foreigner. But sadly, most journals are horrid. Poorly written and of little interest of anyone except those who already know the exact details, these journals litter the internet, crosslinking and polluting search engines. It's bad enough to realize I share this planet with a random 18 year old ugly girl who doesn't understand basic concepts like "punctuation", "paragraphs" and "capitalization". It's even worse when her bullshit gets crosslinked by other people, crosslinked again, and again... And thus screwing up several popular search algorithms.

The end result? Rendering Google and other search sites useless regarding some items you want to look for. At least 30% of most of my search results these days consists of blogs where someone, womewhere is venting his or her opinion. I don't want opinions, I want facts about stuff I look for. I can form my own opinion, thank you. I'd provide you people with a good example, but the person who that journal belongs to is kind of touchy and takes everything as a personal assault against herself, lately. Figures. Anyways, bitching about it will not get anyone anywhere, so here are some possible solutions for this... problem.

  • Removal of popular public journal sites from main search features. ( LiveJournal, Blogger, etc )
  • Adding specific journal search features to popular search engine. ( To counter the above )
  • Adding a specific Slashdot section regarding journals and "blogs". ( Easy to disable/ignore. )

These would solve allot of problems... The search results would not be contaminated anymore, people like me would not have to deal with uninportant information anymore, the bloggers can still look and search for eachother's stories and I can finally ignore craps about blogs on slashdot. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. Here's to hoping Google and the like will implement something like this... And that the Slashdot admins would make a seperate section. However, I highly doubt the latter one, regarding the incompetence of the Slashdot admins.

I know, ironic I post this in a Slashdot journal. At least it's not personal crap, it's actually an issue that lives among people on the internet. Then again, I'm high on irony lately...

Journal Journal: Mod system unfairness + developer apathy. 5

Hi! Welcome to Seth's wonderful little world here on Slashdot. Where news, geeks and linux-fundamentalism meet up with my warped mind and "reality distortion" field. ( Copyright Steve Jobs, or so they say... )

Anyways, on a slightly more serious note, ( Which would mean no porn, sorry. ) I recently encountered something which could be defined as a bug here on Slashdot. If my comments were modded up as Funny, my karma would not increase, most likely the same thing for all users. This seems logical enough, considering user A's sense of humour might be vastly different from user B's sense of humour. However, once something gets modded up as Funny, it can also be modded down. That, DOES cost a user karma, meaning a "5, Funny" comment could actually cost a user ( quite ) some karma. This in a whole opens the system for abuse: Mod someone up to "5, Funny", then mod bomb them down with another account to "-1, Funny" with Overrated mods, which would cost the user 6 points of karma and due to Overrated mods not being available for metamoderation, the mod-bomber would not get affected at all.

And even despite all this, why do Funny comments not gain any karma? Sure, Funny might be interpreted as relative, considering we all got a different sense of humour, but all other mods can be relative as well. Some comment might be Insightful to one, yet not at all to someone else, for example. Bundled with the fact that Overrated and Underrated do not apply to metamoderation, it's very hard for me to view the Slashdot moderation system as anything other than ineffective, unfair and just plain broken.

And I did report this as a bug, considering the OS way of things where the users are the ears and eyes and bugtesters of the developers and all that. However, the reply I got on the Slash project ( Slashdot's SF project, complete with bug report system and all, for those of you who don't know... ) was downright unprofessional. The internet is a bad medium for jokes, so I seriously hope I misunderstood that and that it actually was a joke.

Very cute, shortly after some others and I mentioned the unfairness of the mod system in a thread on the main discussion part, all of us get comments moderated Offtopic. Not other offtopic posts, ( Because the posts were, after all, offtopic. ) but only the offtopic ones criticizing the moderation system. Cute.

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Journal Journal: For the record... 3

I am NOT a goth. People have been wondering about that because of the "Dark Lord" bit and I tell you, it's not because I'm a goth. It's because terrorists, liberals, Tony Blair and other evil people have already laid claims on my usualy nickname, "Seth". Serves me right for ripping of ancient Egyptian mythology.

Anyways, to make sure people will comment on this, I'll add some random porn links to this journal posting! Enjoy! ( And know your limits: Stop when it starts to chafe. )

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: New MS advertisement 3






There's a lot out there that can harm your network...

Together, there's alot we can do to help.


Not that great, but definitely worth a 'heh!'. So... heh!

Journal Journal: Slashdot Personals 3

Lately I'm beginning to see ads for "Slashdot Personals". Yay. I think I'd rather give homosexuality a try. Desperate OSDL marketeers ripping of desperate geeks on a site which is desperate for new "news". Woot!

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Journal Journal: More rantings and pornography!

Yes yes, it's that time again. Not really, I'm just bored at the moment and after reading this bit about some porn peddler being governor of California, I decided it was time to update this thingy again! So, move over Larry Flynt, you amateur! Make way for the professionals!

Remember, don't forget to mark me a foe so you never get too see my journal updates. Hmm. That didn't make sense, did it? Also, you people ought to be glad that there are individuals like me daring enough to filter out crappy pornography of really ugly women. That series might be bad enough to cause impotence, so be warned. I'm in favour of equeal oppurtunities but I say that girl's future is NOT in the porn business. Yuck.

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Journal Journal: Porn wants to be free!

And so it came to pass that pornography became free! Enjoy and stop before it starts chafing, that'd look mighty awkward in the emergency ward. Not a pleasant idea. Maybe the masochists among us are more interested in that. Sandpaper anyone?

That said; only 3 RPC calls from 3 different IP adresses... Now be a dear and mark me as a foe while I might or might not try to post a story about SCO being part of the Illuminati. Novus Ordo SCO!

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Journal Journal: Pornography for the people! 4

Yes yes, have to keep the masses happy, right? The latest harvest of thumbnail galleries has been pretty much catastrophic lately so I'm digging up older bookmarks. Thumbnail galleries can be quite good once you filter out all the popups, referral scripts, traffic trading scripts, animated gif banners and all that. Nothing a bit of PHP, some knowledge of coding/scripting and a hormone high can't solve. Anyways, you people most likely don't come here to read my rants, so onward, without hesitation!

Now get lost and make me your foe! Kudos to SlashChick btw :P

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Journal Journal: Argh! 9

Only 87 people hate me! Outrageous! I made fun of canadians, americans, dutch people, tourists and whatnot and still only 87 people. :( Come on people, you can do better! I'll use the patented, copyrighted and effective method by posting links to pornography with some unwitty text! Cheerios lads!

Now, go on minions, make me your foe! You know you hate me!


Journal Journal: Think the RIAA is alone?

... Well, forget about it. The RIAA has got a nice and tiny and insignificant little ally, the Buma/Stemra, henceforth known as "those leeches who charge you extra per DVD.". Did you think all those scary stories about putting an extra charge on DVD/CD media (regardless of actual purpose) were just tales to frighten away John Doe from doing anything? Well, guess again.

All those stories are a reality here in the Netherlands. The store where I work nearly got sued by said organization. Why? We were playing music CDs on the showroom PCs. Want to buy a CD or DVD? Be prepared to fork over another 20% per item. (On top of the already 20% VAT. That's 40% wasted.) Thank God the Dutch law system is fcked up beyond belief to the point where USian lawsuits are impossible, or else I'd be certain the store where I work would be sued to death by now.

Then again, the extra money they charge per CD/DVD do make me feel a bit better. Sure, I download and copy stuff like C&C Generals and MOO3, more or less feeling bad about it. But those were HORRIBLE games and I'd feel worse AND 50 Euros poorer if I had bought them. Good games are an entirely different issue: I actually feel bad about not having a legal version of Vice City. Good games are worth the money. At least the money they now charge will ease my conscience a bit! ... Or at least make my wallet a bit lighter...

That said, I wonder if there are any other dutch people around here who know which companies support the current course of action our RIAA-clone is taking? It'd be nice to cough up a list of those companies and declare their goods to be freely copied. After all, we are being charged for something we haven't even done, so we might as well do it.

Carry on, minions!

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