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Comment Re: IANA is nothing really important (Score 2) 258

The US is only sometimes a democracy. At the state level we had to basically drag them kicking and crying into equal apportionment, and even then we still have totally messed up representative districts continually being redrawn to cement power relationships. Even a mere 50 years ago it was common place to have grossly unbalanced legislative districts (disproportionate apportionment), denial of voting rights to a very large fraction of hard working and law abiding citizens. The US is new to democracy and still stumbling over it.

Comment Re:IANA is nothing really important (Score 1) 258

Well having the US control it is pretty bad too, and it only works because the US government almost totally ignores ICANN anyway which is essentially a private company indirectly controlled by Google, Apple, Facebook, and UmbrellaCorp Subsidiaries.

Of all the government agencies that Republican libertarians and small government aficionados want to get rid of, ICANN should be the *first* to go. And yet they're suing to keep it? This seems like a good strategy to keep more stuff in government. Let's say PBS and NPR claim they're going to sell themselves to the Chinese, would that cause the Republicans to start increasing its funding? We could give control of the Department of Education to Canada and see what happens.

Comment Re:Well... isn't it government property? (Score 1) 258

The fact that those countries can control access to the internet just helps prove that the US isn't in control of the internet. Those countries ignore the dictates from the US, they ignore the dictates from the UN, and they'll ignore the dictates from ICANN no matter who technically controls ICANN.

Comment Re:Obama.... (Score 0) 258

The Internet is not an US entity. It is international. North Korea will never control it, that's just absurd fear mongering. But Russia is neither more nor less qualified than the US as far as international governance is concerned. Just as you think it is abhorrent to allow Russia to control this, other countries find it absurd that an unreliable nation like the US is in charge of such a vital service, and so it should be controlled by an international group.

Control has been leaving the US already by default, different countries control their own domains. Besides, the department of commerce does almost nothing with ICANN, it leaves ICANN alone to do what it want. Moving control away will change nothing. On the other hand we have a lot of legislators and plenty of presidential candidates who claim they want to get rid of the department of commerce and other unnecessary branches of government, and presumably they'd be happy to get rid of this waste of tax dollars too.

Comment Re:Name Calling (Score 1) 135

And it's a surprise because his manner of speaking is not very sophisticated at all. Simple words, simple grammar, repeating the same words and phrases multiple times in the same sentence. "100 per cent", "I guarantee it", "huge", "great", etc. This man needs a thesaurus. This is why he's such a conundrum to the typical legislator who grew up learning debate or being coached by debate champs only to see this person fumbling and breaking all the normal campaigning rules and succeeding at it.

I guess bullshit works. I want someone smart, nerdy, and skilled to be my brain surgeon, I wonder if the Trump supporters think the same way?

Comment Re:Probably actually illegal (Score 1) 249

No one could really predict what it would be worth had Microsoft not stolen it. Microsoft's software was very popular because it was from Microsoft and included by default, whereas a third party product would struggle to get a decent market share over time. On the other hand they could have done the partnership deal with Microsoft, but would they have gotten the same amount of money that way? This was slighlty before the era of Microsoft shafting everyone and buying out competitors for a dime and shutting them down.

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