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Comment Re:The three debates (Score 1) 167

If he had said "nasty man" under his breath it would be just as bad. His damn microphone was on! This was not a boxing competition, it was a debate. The constant muttering when it wasn't his turn was highly annoying. Though it may depend upon the listener - someone who wants aggressiveness probably loves a candidate who insults everyone at the drop of the pin, whereas others who want civil discourse finds this style appalling.

Comment Re:The three debates (Score 1) 167

We've seen this in every debate going back many years now. Someone takes a potshot trying to get the opponent to lose their cool and fumble a bit. It's usually phrased in a somewhat innocuous way rather than an outright attack, usually somewhere in the center though ("you're no Jack Kennedy", a famous practiced line). However it doesn't always work well, the most you get is laughs from the audience but the opponent picks up and carries on. It really doesn't provide any new information about a candidate's political positions or views except to show how catty they are.

This time around though... the standard goading actually worked as candidate A loses his composure and forgets all the practiced "stay cool" advice. Now candidate B's campaign knows exactly where the red buttons are to push during the next two elections. And they get pushed again, and again. Even the most novice of political candidates usually trains how to do a debate properly, how to give a speech that sounds like he's got a highschool diploma, and so on.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 480

However there's another effect. It takes 5 minutes to help out that user and explain what the cup holder is. The average question from the average user is probably only 10 minutes of work. But there are the HARD questions that take hours or days to resolve ("help, I'm getting an incorrect DNS response from corporate LAN in building A but it's working fine in building B"). The power users that can solve the simple stuff themselves often are the ones with the really complicated issues.

Ie, I upgraded office on the mac, then I hated how the new outlook worked and it was slowing me down so I restored the original Office from backup. This started some problems rolling along under the scenes. Later when I wanted to upgrade again with more time to deal with the issues, it didn't work. Took it to IT asking if they could upgrade office for me, and there was a lot of head scratching going on and it was half a day before I got my mac back.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 480

I've seen lots of macbook hardware issues. We had several with the faulty batteries, and when they switched to not having user replaceable batteries or a removeable battery cover, a swelling battery bent the entire case of one unit. Part of the problem is that Apple is aggressive about reducing size and cramming more hardware into a smaller space, whereas the larger Dell laptops tend to last longer overall from what I've seen.

Comment Re:Reason (Score 1) 104

When google has asked me for 2-factor, they always want the phone and nothing else. They don't even say "2 factor" until you dig down and ask why. Early on I had no texting ability at all, explicitly disabled on my phone account, so providing a number would have been useless unless they were going to phone me directly. Even with texting now I don't want this as this phone will not be with me for the lifetime of the account.

The biggest security headache involved in this is losing the phone, in which case having phone as part of the authentication becomes pointless.

Comment Re:COURAGE (Score 1) 307

Hmm, maybe once. These are work computers so generally they upgrade of IT does an image transfer. But once I got a loaner and then they told me to keep the loaner as they couldn't fix the mac, so I used time machine to get home directory and personal settings transferred. Next time I think I do want to start fresh, spend extra time only copying over real data files instead of the whole Library & Documents.

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