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Submission + - Godzilla 2014 Film / Godzilla 2014 Trailer Leaked

Godzilla2014 writes: Godzilla is an upcoming American science fiction monster film featuring the Japanese film monster of the same name and a reboot of the Godzilla film franchise. It is the second Godzilla film to be fully filmed[4] by an American studio, the first having been the 1998 film of the same name.
The film retells the origin of Godzilla in contemporary times as a "terrifying force of nature". The film is directed by Gareth Edwards and stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn, Sally Hawkins and Ken Watanabe.
The film is a co-production[5] of Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures and will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures worldwide, except for Japan where it will be distributed by Toho. The film is scheduled to be released on May 16, 2014 in 2D and 3D.[6]

Submission + - Mars manned mission: "2018 is our last chance to be first" (

coondoggie writes: t seems that US human space-trip to Mars grow ever-more unlikely each time Congress talks about NASA and the budget. But at a House subcommittee on space directions today heard billionaire entrepreneur Dennis Tito detail how his philanthropic group known as Inspiration Mars can get around the money details and get strait to the Red Planet by 2018.

Submission + - Saudis to Receive Pakistani Nukes (

schwit1 writes: Saudi Arabia is poised to gain control of nuclear weapons from Pakistan, according to recent reports, and could follow through on threats to arm up against perceived Iranian belligerence.

Multiple sources say that Pakistan has prepared nuclear weapons for Saudi Arabia which are currently waiting to be delivered. The Islamic kingdom has previously invested in the Pakistani nuclear program. A special envoy for Saudi Arabia previously said "we will get nuclear weapons" to counter any such progression in Iran, a known adversary.

Submission + - AOL: Screw our Creative Commons Licensing, we will sue for using our data! ( 1

realized writes: AOL has licensed its CrunchBase data under a free Creative Commons license. But once a startup decided to use the CrunchBase AOL threatened to sue them. Startup "Pro Populi" launched apps for apps for Google Glass and the iPhone that uses the CrunchBase database in its entirety. CrunchBase database has been published continuously under the Creative Commons CC-BY attribution license, which permits any use.

However, AOL seems to be upset that people are using their data. Quoted letter from AOL lawyers to the startup:

On the chance that you may have misinterpreted Matt’s willingness to discuss the matter with you last week, and our reference to this as a ‘request,’ let me make clear, in more formal language, that we demand that People+ immediately cease and desist from its current violation and infringement of AOL’s/TechCrunch’s proprietary rights and other rights to CrunchBase, by removing the CrunchBase content from your People+ product and by ceasing any other use of CrunchBase-provided content

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is representing the startup, sent AOL a letter Monday saying “People+ has the right to continue using the material that People+ has gathered to date.

Submission + - Illegal anal probe during routine traffic stop results in a federal lawsuit (

sharknado writes: Police in New Mexico ordered an illegal anal cavity search against a New Mexico man after he failed to stop at a stop sign. The anal probe was ordered because the man was believed to be "clenching his buttocks", which the police believed indicated that he was hiding narcotics in his anus. After more than half a dozen medical procedures, including 3 enemas, 2 x-rays and an anal probe under general anesthetic, the narcotics were nowhere to be found. The New Mexico man did not consent to any of these medical procedures, the warrant was executed illegally (in the wrong county, and after the expiration of the warrant), and the man is now suing the police in federal court.

Submission + - Limo Company Hack Exposes Juicy Targets, 850k Credit Card Numbers (

tsu doh nimh writes: A compromise at a U.S. company that brokers reservations for limousine and Town Car services nationwide has exposed the personal and financial information on more than 850,000 well-heeled customers, including Fortune 500 CEOs, lawmakers, and A-list celebrities. writes about the break-in, which involved the theft of information on celebrities like Tom Hanks and LeBron James, as well as lawmakers such as the chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. The story also examines the potential value of this database for spies, drawing a connection between recent personalized malware attacks against Kevin Mandia, the CEO of incident response firm Mandiant. In an interview last month with Foreign Policy magazine, Mandia described receiving spear phishing attacks that spoofed receipts for recent limo rides; according to Krebs, the info for Mandia and two other Mandiant employees was in the stolen limo company database.

Submission + - Amazon Hits 109,800 Employees, Passes Microsoft's Headcount

An anonymous reader writes: Amazon today released its Q3 2013 earnings report. Among all the financial figures was a very big one: the Seattle-based company now employs 109,800 people around the world as of September 30, 2013. According to this Microsoft page, the company has 100,518 employees worldwide as of September 30, 2013.

Submission + - Thanks, Science! Treating your baldness by growing new hair now made possible (

trendspotter writes: In what seems to be a science breakthrough US researchers at Columbia University's Medical Center (CUMC) are developing the world's first real hair regeneration method. Rather than simply redistributing existing hair from one part of the skin to another, they are using the patient’s own cells to grow completely new hair to treat female hair loss and male baldness.

Submission + - LED Light Bulb Based 'Li-Fi' Closer, Say Chinese Scientists (

dryriver writes: The BBC reports: Wi-fi connectivity from a light bulb — or 'li-fi' — has come a step closer, according to Chinese scientists. A microchipped bulb can produce data speeds of up to 150 megabits per second (Mbps), Chi Nan, IT professor at Shanghai's Fudan University told Xinhua News. A one-watt LED light bulb would be enough to provide net connectivity to four computers, researchers say. But experts told the BBC more evidence was needed to back up the claims. There are no supporting video or photos showing the technology in action. Li-fi, also known as visible light communications (VLC), at these speeds would be faster — and cheaper — than the average Chinese broadband connection. In 2011, Prof Harald Haas, an expert in optical wireless communications at the University of Edinburgh, demonstrated how an LED bulb equipped with signal processing technology could stream a high-definition video to a computer. He coined the term 'light fidelity' or li-fi and set up a private company, PureVLC, to exploit the technology. 'We're just as surprised as everyone else by this announcement,' PureVLC spokesman Nikola Serafimovski told the BBC. 'But how valid this is we don't know without seeing more evidence. We remain sceptical.' This year, the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute claimed that data rates of up to 1Gbit/s per LED light frequency were possible in laboratory conditions, making one bulb with three colours potentially capable of transmitting data at up to 3Gbit/s.

Submission + - Unmanned 'Terminator' Robots Kill Jellyfish (

starr802 writes: Scientists from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Daejeon, South Korea, have developed a “jellyfish terminator” robot set out to detect the marine coelenterate and kill it.

“Once jellyfish are detected using a camera, the jellyfish removal scenario is started with generating efficient path to remove the jellyfish,” team leader Professor Myung Hyun wrote in the journal Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. “Finally, the jellyfish is sliced up with the grid installed underneath the JEROS by following the generated path.”

Submission + - Tradehill suspends Bitcoin trading citing "banking and regulatory issues" (

hypnosec writes: One of the largest Bitcoin exchange in the US has suspended trading citing “banking and regulatory issues” according to a statement on the company’s homepage. According to Tradehill the suspension is temporary, but it hasn’t provided any specific timeline by which the trading may resume. Tradehill’s announcement comes as a surprise as just last week it was reported that it was moving its accounts to Internet Archive Federal Credit Union (IAFCU) which would allow it to facilitate easier Bitcoin transactions.

Submission + - Deadbeat Facebook Friends and using ALL-CAPS lowers your Credit Worthiness (

McGruber writes: CNN has the news ( that some financial lending companies claim that Facebook social connections can be a good indicator of a person's creditworthiness. One company determines if you are friends with someone who was late paying back a loan; if so, that is bad news for you. It is even worse news if the delinquent friend is someone you frequently interact with.

Another company gathers information from the manner in which a customer fills out the online loan application. The chances of getting a loan improve if you spend time reading information about the loan on their website. Conversely, if you fill out the application typing in all-caps (or with no caps), you are knocked down a couple pegs in that company's eyes.

A third lender requires that small business borrowers grant them access to the borrowers' PayPal, eBay and other online payment accounts (what could possibly go wrong with that?), thereby disclosing real-time sales and delivery information. This lender claims it can determine a business' creditworthiness and put money into its account in just seven minutes.

Submission + - Jerry, a Do-It-Together Server that Connects Makers in Africa

Patrick_Emmabuntus writes: Jerry Do It Together brings together people who want make different computers. Jerry is a funky IT infrastructure made out of recycled electronic components and materials made during free workshops. The makers of the community JerryClan embody adventures of Jerry around the world: they organize workshops where citizen transform e-waste into public good & co-develop innovative solutions with local initiatives to help them to have a better impact on people lifes.

The JerryClan Ivory Coast is using a Linux distribution Emmabuntüs 2 based on Xubuntu 12.04.2 and designed to facilitate the refurbishment of computers. They can deliver digital literacy services to isolated communities, functioning as improvised servers, router or access point and even emergency used to provide support in medical support services (management applications and any application for the diagnosis).

Submission + - FISC Secret Court Chief Judge: We can't effectively oversee the NSA ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Via the Washington Post: "The leader of the secret court that is supposed to provide critical oversight of the government’s vast spying programs said that its ability to do so is limited and that it must trust the government to report when it improperly spies on Americans. The chief judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court said the court lacks the tools to independently verify how often the government’s surveillance breaks the court’s rules that aim to protect Americans’ privacy. Without taking drastic steps, it also cannot check the veracity of the government’s assertions that the violations its staff members report are unintentional mistakes."

President Obama: "We also have federal judges that we’ve put in place who are not subject to political pressure,” Obama said at a news conference in June. “They’ve got lifetime tenure as federal judges, and they’re empowered to look over our shoulder at the executive branch to make sure that these programs aren’t being abused.”

Not so much, Mr. President.

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