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Comment Nice...let's see it power something useful (Score 1) 156

A youtube demo is nice.. But what would REALLY be useful is to demo something that is used every day powered by diamond batteries. In that way it becomes something actually real to the average person. People have become SO jaded by researchers releasing papers and youtube videos only to find out it was a submarine attempt at getting more funding.

Comment Re:k.i.s.s. (Score 1) 143

One thing (it seems to me) is that the U.S. Navy has not had to engage in ship to ship warfare in a LONG time. Granted in the modern era that will probably be a pretty fast thing with missiles, but the other services have at least had to deal with close combat situations that stress what you have (say...a rifle on the battlefield). If it fails, you die. When was the last time a combat vessel failed for the navy in combat conditions that caused a catastrophic loss of life? It's been a while. My guess is this ship if it ever got in combat conditions would quickly fail do to reliability. It would not be long before the Navy would have to pull them from the battlefield.

Comment perspective (Score 4, Funny) 202

This year: - Trump became president elect - The cubs win the world series...playing the INDIANS no less! - Apple stops having growth - Microsoft joins the Linux foundation If we have too many more things happen my head will explode and melt away. What's next? The discovery of real Unicorns?

Comment People are SO naive (Score 4, Interesting) 137

I'm sorry, I totally believe that man is contributing to climate change but this story is so rosy eyed its downright dumb. We have NOT made progress. It's going to cost trillions and trillions of dollars to get where people want to go and not billions. The idea that major powers will voluntarily give up percentage points of GDP to reach even the low percentages of what scientists THINK will be needed is naive. Politicians that crave power and have made it are not dumb. They know this full well which is why I'm suspicious that these agreements are nothing more than power grabs to screw us all over. If it was a SERIOUS agreement that was ENFORCEABLE I'd think less so, but this one? Please! A carbon tax that effectively got what they wanted would drive up the cost of electricity in places like the UK by 50-75%. That's the sort of numbers that politics will now allow. Attempting to Modify human behavior is not going to solve this problem. Technology is the only way out.

Comment Convince me of realistic solutions (Score 4, Interesting) 693

My biggest argument thus far is that so far I've seen absolutely NOTHING on the policy side which has a reasonable chance at doing anything other than marginally at the edges. The solution to this problem is not going to come from attempting to modify human behavior by carrot and stick. Sure, it can help but it's not going to solve the problem. The solution is going to come from some technical advancement that is cost effective for people to use vs what they already do now.

Comment Video Calling is so MEH..and I do that for a livin (Score 2) 42

The plethora of WebRTC and mobile video calling clients really does not make this a very interesting feature. IOS and Android users have SO many different options for video calling that it's not really that interesting. From an engineer's perspective I am interested in the various strengths and weaknesses in terms of video codecs, forward error correction, etc. A nice matrix outlining the various technical approaches would be nice. Also....what would ALSO be nice is a re-commitment from these closed walled off gardens would be XMPP and/or SIP compatibility (native and not an add-on cost option).

Comment REAL elephant in the room (Score 2) 376

"The real elephant in the room is carbon dioxide, which remains in the atmosphere for thousands of years and in the oceans for even longer." The REAL elephant(s) in the room is: 1. Are there any solutions that are REALISTIC. And what I mean by realistic is not hoping that everybody comes together holds hands and voluntarily gives up 5-10% of GDP. 2. Are there any solutions where people don't suspect that the solutions are merely a submarine attempt to consolidate power under aegis of power consolidation among elites. You have to solve these problems. There are MANY People who simply don't trust "authority" to do anything other than screw them over. Climate change is a real problem. Let's see some real solutions other than crossing your fingers that some international body of politicians is going to do the right thing (which means fixing it without a power grab), because if THAT is the solution we are all SCREWED.

Comment Militarily vulnerable (Score 1) 169

One thing to remember is that if a global event happened taking out much of the planet's electronics happened, even though our military is hardened against EMP, not EVERYTHING is the military is. I'm sure the Pentagon has wargamed this out, but if you are another power looking to take advantage of the chaos that would be the time to do it.

Comment Re:Commodore engineers (Score 3, Informative) 290

Irving Gould and Mehdi Ali can both rot in h*ll as far as I am concerned. I will NEVER forget those names. They took a company that had a successful product and great engineers and squeezed it for every last penny purposely skimping on re-investment and new products for the express purpose of greed.

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