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Comment Re:Good-Bye "No Sales Tax" (Score 1) 214

You missed it. There's no federal sales tax; it's still just state sales tax on the state you live in. In NH, there's no state sales tax, so we don't have to pay any despite this. What does change is that our NH businesses have to collect tax on behalf of other states when you buy from us online. So when you guys buy stuff online from our businesses, they'll now have to collect sales tax for your state. That's why we fought it, not because consumers would have to pay more, but because our businesses will have to do a lot more work.

Comment Re:I'm not buying it (Score 1) 572

We have 3 Xbox 360s in our house, one per person, from when we all lived separately. And we have 3 Gold memberships. I've already converted my desktop computer to Linux and am working on building up a game library on there (mostly Indie Bundles so far, but I've Kickstarted games like Dreamfall Chapters for the future), because I fully expect Microsoft to do something awful in the near future. I'm even preparing for the likelihood that it could be in this very next generation. And you can't expect Sony or Nintendo to be significantly better.

I use Microsoft's "Cloud Save" functionality, and its outages when my internet is working perfectly have been infuriating. I have no faith that they can manage to make an outage-free service, and I don't want my games console to just refuse to work when I want to use it, even if it's the middle of the night on a weekday.

Comment Re:Shocking? (Score 2, Insightful) 436

Is it any surprise that the Federal govt. has knee-jerked and not thought through the repercussions, or the real-world applicability of their solutions?

Is that what you think this is? It seemed to me that it was a solution waiting for a sufficiently heart-wrenching problem, like how they doubtless have all the "Cyber-Patriot Act" stuff just waiting for an opportunity (Rahm Emanuel crisis style).

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