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Comment Re:I'm loving my Win10 experience (Score 1) 272

That is a bit revisionist and naive regarding age. Everyone loved windows xp because the previous release windows me was sooooo bad. People clinged to windows xp because windows vista was terrible. I remember more praise and upgrades to windows 7 than hate personally, because windows 7 worked better and had stuff people wanted. So now the issue is not change is scary or old people it is that windows 8 is crap and windows 10 is crap. I have yet to hear anything compelling to upgrade to windows 10 aside from a timid performance upgrade. And there is lots and lots to dislike moving from selling an operating system to selling an operating system service.

Comment Re:Again... (Score 1) 260

Are you sure you understand what is going on in Austin? Public transportation is terrible in the city after decades of squabbling over a "perfect" plan instead of making any kind of reasonable progress. Meanwhile, taxis are purposely limited to maximize profits for the taxi companies. So uber and lyft come in an offer a service that is desperately needed from the failure of Austin and Texas government and other options like taxis and drunk driving falls 20%+ according to the Country Sheriff. uber and lyft may not be angels, but they are solving the problem and forcing the public transportation issue. If anything they should be deregulating taxis eliminating the medallion system to get more of them on the road.

Comment Re:Trump just says stuff (Score 3, Insightful) 875

Sanders' thing is bribing the voters with my money. Turns out, it's pretty popular, no matter the current year. Communism is a disease.

communism is not a good system, but Sanders does not support communism, he supports some socialist policies, which do make sense. The US has double the cost of healthcare compared to the next closest country. And if you work your whole life and do everything right including having health insurance why should you have to declare medical bankruptcy from getting a treatable illness? Privatization of healthcare makes absolutely no sense and there are other issues where privatization is also dumb.

Comment think is the key, but also need vision (Score 1) 507

My experience for most of these development methods and problems almost always comes back to requirements gathering. People typically want to jump on what ever solution they seize on or what is being asked of them instead of taking the time to truly understand the problem space and only then designing their solution. Often your Customer has no idea how a software implementation will change their work so I have watched agile being the blind leading the blind a lot. Rapid iteration is good, but to be successful in the end it requires an upfront understanding of the domain, thinking, and how it might change with different solutions.

Comment Re:Try again... 4? (Score 1) 226

sorry, but Musicans see no cash from music sales. They make their money playing live shows. So what your meant to say is it is wrong to steal from shady music execs who legally steal from Musicians.

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