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Comment Re:Google obviously could have made Android.. (Score 0) 181

This is very much the case, given the fact that all Android devices run on the same family of processor. One of the key points of Java, the VM, is binary executable portability, which isn't even an issue for Android at all. Google could have just created a standard compiler for Java (the language) to produce ARM assembly if they were so in love with that particular language. Or pulled an Apple and used some obscure (at the time) language like Objective-C. Or they could have just used... gasp... C++. Or pulled another Apple and created a new language like Swift.

Comment And? (Score 2) 43

So if I understand this correctly, this simply means that *if* an attacker can brute-force a key and decrypt messages between two individuals, then they can also go back and decrypt past messages further back than the author of this article thinks they should be able to? If that's the case, then if an entity has the processing power and skill to brute force the key in the first place, the fact that they have to be bothered to do it again X number of times isn't exactly reassuring. If they want to access your messages bad enough to spend the computational resources and they can brute force them at all, having to do it several more times to access historical data is pretty trivial.

Comment Re:It hasn't even been truly investigated yet... (Score 3, Insightful) 706

True, but you can debunk the allegations that he was on his way to meet with the FBI over testimony against Clinton.

The problem is Snopes did not debunk that. How did Snopes prove he didn't get a fake contact from someone claiming to be the FBI and wanting to talk about what he leaked? According to a third-hand report (his dad said that his girlfriend said that Seth said) that Snopes quotes, he said "he was just about home". He could have just said that meaning he would be home soon. That didn't literally mean he was on his way home. And what was he on the way home from? Maybe meeting with a phantom FBI agent who didn't show, and he was followed and killed when he was at a nice secluded location in a known high-crime area? Snopes hasn't debunked a thing.

Obviously the police know *where* he was. The shots were heard and he was found there. Was that indeed "almost home" relative to where he lived? Was it directly between wherever he left from (did he leave his girlfriend's or do they live together?) and his home? Or was he just out somewhere random? The police know all these things, and have not released that information, and his father didn't provide it either.

Comment Re:Debunked? (Score 5, Insightful) 706

Until now, I have always found Snopes a reliable source of information. After having read what they had to say about Seth Rich, I do not understand how they can patently claim a "FALSE" status to this rumor. They offer no evidence at all to the contrary. Their claim that just because he was young, was part of the DNC since just 2014, and "only" developed a system to help voters find voting locations, means that he could not have been the source of the leak or killed to cover it up. If he had access to their systems to some degree, and was a developer capable of implementing a site of this scale for national consumption, then he most certainly could have obtained the emails if that particular server was interconnected in some way to the systems he had access to. That part actually fits to me, because that is where most leaks come from - not from a head honcho (as if the only person capable in Snope's eyes of causing such a leak was the main guy over the DNC email servers themselves). Usually it is someone ancillary on the fringes that has just enough access (or the ability to get the more privileged access relatively easily due to security vulnerabilities) that is responsible for these kinds of leaks. Look at Snowden.

Their arguments are really illogical. For example:

According to Joel Rich, Seth was on the phone with his girlfriend when the shooting started, and Rich indicated to his girlfriend that he was nearly home and not headed out for an FBI meeting implausibly scheduled in the middle of the night on a Saturday:

Rich said Seth was talking to his girlfriend on the phone outside when the incident happened.

“Asked him if he was home yet and he said just about, and then she heard some noise, he said he had to call her back — I don't know when that conversation ended but at 4:18 two shots were fired,” said Rich.

What about that proves he wasn't set up with a fake FBI meeting? Maybe he went to the meeting location, no one was there, and he was going home and was ambushed? And this... "Asked him if he was home yet and he said just about" that doesn't mean he was headed home. He could have simply been reassuring her that he would be home soon, and didn't literally mean he was going home that instant and was just about there.

And then there's the bit where the debunker said "an FBI meeting implausibly scheduled in the middle of the night on a Saturday". What?? If it wasn't a *real* FBI meeting, as the conspiracy theory states, then why not in the middle of the night? Maybe the FBI doesn't really do business in the middle of the night on the weekend (although they probably do), but most people would certainly think cloak and dagger affairs like that do happen at those times. So if he was tricked into meeting, what does that have to do with the plausibility of whether or not the FBI really does meet people at 4 AM on a Saturday? The goal would have been to get him alone so he could be killed without witnesses.

I don't believe this theory is true, and I don't believe it was disproved. However to see Snopes claiming in black and white that it was debunked, with no actual evidence to back it up, has really knocked my respect for them down several notches.

If there's something I missed that they presented as actual evidence that the theory is false, then please tell, because I didn't see it.

Comment Re:Why not use irradiated sterile mosquito (Score 2) 144

It's probably significantly easier to produce them. All the have to do with these genetically modified mosquitoes is provide tetracycline to them, and their eggs will hatch as normal. Once the tetracycline is taken away, the eggs they produce will not be able to grow. This leads to another interesting possibility, which I would think would be much, much more effective (and probably controversial). That is to distribute tetracycline over a large area, like by dusting it, while simultaneously introducing the genetically modified mosquitoes (both male and female). They will mate and reproduce, ideally for a week or so, as long as the tetracycline holds out. Once it has decomposed then none of the offspring will survive. Because a number of generations could breed naturally and have intermixed during that time, the effects on the population would be far more devastating.

Comment Re:Identity Theft Victim Here with My Insight (Score 4, Insightful) 385

Sheesh. Apparently you omitted the part where you hire an armed security force and an assistant who carries your cash in a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist.

No way I would live that way. Keep most of your money in an account separate from the one you pay stuff out of day to day. That should do it.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 5, Informative) 623

Apparently brakes were not applied. They believe it was a combination of the trailer being a solid light gray color that tended to visually blend in with the sky, coupled with the radar being designed to ignore large flat signs that cross above the road. So the trailer managed to be filtered out as an hazard and was ignored by the software.

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