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Submission + - I SAID, MORE TEENS ARE SUFFERING A HEARING LOSS (skunkpost.com) 3

crimeandpunishment writes: A new study says one in five American teens has lost some hearing. Some experts are warning kids to turn down the volume on their earbuds, even though they don't have any hard evidence that listening to your iPod too long and too loud is to blame. Most of the hearing loss is considered slight, but it's still enough to cause problems in school and in everyday life....for example, they'd hear all the vowel sounds clearly, but might miss some consonant sounds. The senior author of the study says "Although speech will be detectable, it might not be fully intelligible". The findings appear in Wednesday's Journal of the American Medical Association.

Submission + - Study for the Thundercats Lover in All of Us

Damned writes: Do you love old school cartoons, old school video games? Do you proudly advertise this to others? If so, you're in luck. A friend of mine is looking for you:

Laura writes: I'm doing a study on genXers (and some genYers) who narrate their identity by embracing childhood cartoons and video games. People who proudly display/relive favorite childhood media through t-shirts, posters, stickers, figurines, or DVD purchases. I'm especially interested in the overlap with "geek" culture.

But I need more people to interview. So, if you or someone you know wears Transformers tees or owns the GI Joe box set or dressed up as Jem last Halloween, please contact me. If you're in [Bloomington, IL], I'd like to do a couple of face-to-face interviews; if not, we can do interviews over the phone or via email.

You can contact me at livinshu [at] indiana [dot] edu. And please, pass this along to any groovy geeks in your acquaintance.

Seeing as the Slashdot crowd tends to be groovy geeks, what do you think? Feel like giving this study a respectable sample size?

The Internet

Submission + - BT More Than Doubles UK FTTH Broadband Rollout (ispreview.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: Telecoms operator BT has officially extended its £1.5 billion programme to roll-out fibre optic based super-fast broadband services around the UK, which will now see 2.5 Million homes covered by their fastest 'up to' 100Mbps Fibre to the Home ( FTTH ) technology instead of just 1 Million; more pricing details and exchange enablement dates have also been disclosed. Under the original plans BT had proposed to reach 10m UK homes and businesses by 2012, with 9m being covered via FTTC (up to 40Mbps) and 1m by FTTH (up to 100Mbps) technology. The operator has since revealed that deployment of its FTTH service would cost less than originally expected, allowing it to extend the rollout without breaking their budget.

Feed Scientists Track Remarkable 'Breathing' In Nanoporous Materials (sciencedaily.com)

Scientists all over the world are participating in the quest of new materials with properties suitable for the environmentally friendly and economically feasible separation, recovery, and reuse of vapours and greenhouse gases. Scientists have recently discovered an unprecedented giant and reversible swelling of nanoporous materials with exceptional properties: huge flexibility and profound selectivity.

Feed RIAA Tries To Stop Trent Reznor's Promotional Campaign For New Concept Album (techdirt.com)

In the comments to an earlier post today, a reader pointed us to an article about Trent Reznor's promotional campaign for his latest Nine Inch Nails album. It sounds like he's taken a page from the various alternate reality games that have been popular in promoting movies and video games over the past few years. That is, there appears to be a series of secretive websites that are being leaked out with various clues and there's a big group of fans all trying to track down the details. Also, at some Nine Inch Nails concerts, people have found USB keys in the bathroom with songs from the upcoming album. Not surprisingly, those songs quickly found their way online, all with Reznor's approval. Of course, no one seems to have told the RIAA about this marketing campaign. The RIAA went and demanded that various sites pull down the songs, even though Reznor wanted the songs to spread for promotional purposes. The RIAA always says that if artists want to promote their own songs by giving them away for free they have no problem with it -- but it seems that their mindset is so focused on the idea that no one would ever want to do this that they still have to issue takedowns when artists want the songs given away.

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