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Submission + - Increasing wireless network speed by 1000%, by replacing packets with algebra (

MrSeb writes: "A team of researchers from MIT, Caltech, Harvard, and other universities in Europe, have devised a way of boosting the performance of wireless networks by up to 10 times — without increasing transmission power, adding more base stations, or using more wireless spectrum. The researchers’ creation, coded TCP, is a novel way of transmitting data so that lost packets don’t result in higher latency or re-sent data. With coded TCP, blocks of packets are clumped together and then transformed into algebraic equations that describe the packets. If part of the message is lost, the receiver can solve the equation to derive the missing data. The process of solving the equations is simple and linear, meaning it doesn’t require much processing on behalf of the router/smartphone/laptop. In testing, the coded TCP resulted in some dramatic improvements. MIT found that campus WiFi (2% packet loss) jumped from 1Mbps to 16Mbps. On a fast-moving train (5% packet loss), the connection speed jumped from 0.5Mbps to 13.5Mbps. Moving forward, coded TCP is expected to have huge repercussions on the performance of LTE and WiFi networks — and the technology has already been commercially licensed to several hardware makers."

Submission + - Future air-fueled battery could store 10 times mor (

Cool Techead writes: A new type of air-fueled battery being studied could provide up to 10 times the energy storage of designs currently available, and someday be used to power electric cars, mobile phones, and laptops, say researchers.

The new idea the researchers are examining is to replace the lithium cobalt oxide electrode in today's rechargeable lithium batteries with a porous carbon electrode. This allows lithium ions and electrons in the cell to react instead with oxygen in the ambient air, The new design could potentially improve the performance of portable electronic devices and provide a big boost to the renewable-energy industry. The researchers see a scenario in which the batteries will enable a constant electrical output from sources such as wind or solar.


Submission + - Is Software Raid on Linux Unreliable?

secludedhabitat writes: "Heya all,
I have a dedicated webserver that I run and currently have 1x 500GB drive (primary) and 1x 320GB drive (secondary).

I recently asked my dedicated server provider about the possibility of setting up an additional 320GB drive and using software raid to create a Raid 1 array on the secondary drives.

However they said that software raid is often unreliable and I am likely to see CRC errors and hence loose the whole array. The dedicated server already costs an arm and a leg so the additional monthly cost of the hardware raid card would be a bit painful to my wallet LOL.

I have been trying to find anything on the net to back up the claims of unreliability but thus far have been unable to find anything to back it up so I wanted to ask Slashdot users. What are your experiences? Thanks in advance all.

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