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Submission + - China's WoW and The War of Internet Addiction (

Dalambertian writes: Alex Pasternack has a nice article on War of Internet Addiction, the brilliantly satirical WoW machinema that sadly seems to be sneaking under the radar. While much of the Chinese internet memes may be lost on western ears, the social commentary is quite poignant and should not be missed. From DigiCha : "The film tracks the fight between The9 and Netease over the renewal rights to Activision Blizzard's World of Warcraft, the requirement that skulls be removed from World of Warcraft (hence the Skull Party), the bureaucratic battles between GAPP and the Ministry of Culture over the re-approval of WoW in China, the money-obsessed Uncle Yang and his Internet addiction camps and electro-shock therapy, and the attempts to impose Green Dam Youth Escort software on Chinese web users." Further, Digica argues that "this more effectively challenges and potentially undermines the powers behind internet controls than anything Google has done; many more Chinese likely care about censorship that affects WoW and other online games than care whether or not stays online in China." If you don't have an hour to spare, skip to part 6 of 7.

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