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Comment Re:well well well (Score 0) 764

I said "IF", and yes I phrased it intentionally in EXACTLY the same way Trump phrases all of his insane tweets. Though honestly, it's at least 10x more worthy of investigation than Trump's batshit crazy claim that Ted Cruz's father was part of the plot to assassinate Kennedy - among DOZENS of other similar things where he said to the effect of "I didn't say it WAS true, I just said what IF it were true!"

Comment Re:Unforseen? (Score 1) 108

I'm honestly struggling for what information you'd want to overlay over reality that you can't get quicker, easier and less obtrusively by just holding the same device in your hand and looking at it.

Wow, then you REALLY need to get a bit more imaginative. Big hint: don't just think of basic GPS, think about all possible sensory inputs to drive the AR data.

Here's a scary but entirely possible scenario in the near future: you hold up your phone and use the camera to scan the room. It automatically recognizes everyone you point at via facial recognition (Facebook already has something like 500M+ people's faces that it can use, and growing). That will tell you at *minimum* their name (which is highly useful in itself) and likely a lot more - possibly showing who in the group knows each other, whether they are married or dating, their musical or other tastes, political leanings, job, etc.

Less creepy but also useful, you could point at a business and it could instantly show you a detailed description, Yelp review, restaurant menu, hours, etc.

There ya go. And that took me a few minutes to come up with. I'm sure in an hour I could write a small book on potential AR ideas.

Comment Re: Can somebody mod down Dalilama's bullshit? (Score 1) 165

Obfuscation != minification or compression. Obfuscation is for making the Javascript harder to read (in an imperfect attempt to provide extra security or protect IP). Minification is for making the text smaller (though it's usually pretty good at obfuscating in the process), and compression is for making the transfer smaller.

Comment Re:Have you ever actually used Python?! (Score 1) 165

If you just wanted to do something very simple, you could embed Javascript in an HTML attribute value. You can't do that if you require line endings and white-space as part of the language syntax.

Yes! Please show me a valid Python function in a single line embedded in HTML. Python devs made their choices and adamantly stick to them, but sometimes choices can limit the application of a language in theory or practice...

Comment Re:Can somebody mod down Dalilama's bullshit? (Score 1) 165

The funniest part of this bullshit claim is that whatever you've supposedly done using Python, well, it likely depends on and uses the C and Python code I've contributed to the CPython implementation over the years! Son, you're out of your league.

Who cares? If you run Linux or streamed video you are probably using code I contributed, big fucking deal. In the end you are STILL posting AC, so you are by definition a bullshitter until proven otherwise. And WTF is with the "son"? Get your own voice, don't borrow it from whatever shitty media you borrowed it from. It helps your argument ZERO to sound condescending without any advantage.

You're the one who is out of touch, clearly. We serve compressed content these days

Not sure who "we" is, but web servers serve what browsers, CDNs, etc support. You'd be surprised at how many CDNs and embedded browsers have issues with compressions /w HTTP(S). To just "leave it up to someone else" as your solution implies is lazy, to say the least.

Or Python's bytecode could potentially be served up instead, were the browsers ever to support Python for client-side scripting.

But really in the end that's pretty much it. I can give you the benefit of the doubt that you have done a lot of work on Python, but it still means jack and shit in this context until someone actually DOES that. And they won't. Because Python is a decent language in some respects, but it's horribly shitty for this purpose.

Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 1) 208

Replying twice to you since my other thought is totally different :)

An uncooked pizza is an ideal robotic product.

Maybe true for mass market GENERIC delivery pizza, but not for truly *good* or distinctive/local pizza (which makes up a surprising amount of the pizza in the US). Robots are far away from hand tossing, and farther from assembling and cooking a decent Margherita (which you probably *can't* cook at home), let alone many other decent Neapolitan style pizzas where ingredients are added after cooking (or of course, Chicago style, St. Louis Style, New Haven Style, etc).

Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 1) 208

But with Papa Mucphy's you have to cook it yourself! At that end of the pizza market (take and bake), why not just give you a prepared crust and individual bags of the ingredients you want, and let you finish it at home where you have to cook it anyway!?

It would take you 2 extra minutes to assemble it and save all of that work and delay at the store... (now THAT seems like a much better startup idea than Zume... you are welcome, just credit "Dahamma from Slashdot" after your first million...)

Seriously, though - you want a GOOD food business idea? Enable people to do more things theirselves at home for little to no effort (and cost) rather than pass on trivial preparation steps with 500% markup. That's basically Keurig's model. They have made billions, and yet their coffee STILL kinda sucks (it's just good enough to justify a $0.50 pod vs a $2 Starbucks).

Comment Re:Have you ever actually used Python?! (Score 1) 165

That is just the language issues, there are/were political issues as well with Guido, I remember being a bit of a pain to work with when it came to controversial features and 'reworking' the languages caused Python 1-2-3 to be practically different languages. JavaScript from the early era still works just as well in current browsers as modern JavaScript and doesn't need individual interpreters.

Good point. The default browser scripting language is not going to work out well with a language whose creator basks in his designation of "Benevolent Disctoros For Life" (BDFL).

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