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Comment Re:Um... so what? (Score 1) 106

Hilarious. Your original argument WAS THE DEFINITION OF FREE MARKET.

There's a reasonable argument that there's a right number of Taxis. Too few and people don't get a proper service. Too many and there's congestion. Too many empty taxis waiting round.

And then, this gem: A free market finds A level, not necessarily the right level.

WTF is the "right" level, then? You clearly have no fucking clue, and have not cited a SINGLE source or answered any questions outside your little brain to the contrary...

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 142

My Dell 2006 laptop is still going strong (with a self-applied memory upgrade, disk upgrade, and battery swap).

My 2012 Macbook Pro has had several annoying graphics issues I have not been able to do anything about due to the total pain in the ass steps to required even to try to self-repair anything on it.

Not to mention that the new replacement MBP is a fucking disaster for any actual "Pros" who made the mistake of buying the previous generation (which was goddamn great HW, if unreliable as shit).

Comment Re:I'm not arguing that at all (Score 1) 106

Ride sharing should never be considered a job. You agree to carry a passenger who's going your way in exchange for some money to cover the gas. Diverting your route to pick up passengers then drive to their destination in exchange for a fee based on distance, that's the basic definition of taxi.

I can't believe I have to re-quote my post AGAIN... why can't you read it before replying?

What part of "ride share services (which yes, let's admit it, are totally the new taxis)" did you not get?

Of course it's a replacement for taxis. One that nearly all customers of taxis and Ubers are ecstatic over. Maybe the taxi companies could clean up their cars and find more drivers who don't drive like maniacs... you know, try to *compete*...

Comment Re:You're friends are happy now (Score 1) 106

You don't actually understand how Uber works, do you? Have you ever even used it?

Uber is paying way more than it needs to for it's drivers in order to establish itself. They're doing that with investor capital that will eventually dry up. If the necessary legal precedence is established by then expect your friends pay to be about 1/2 - 1/3 minimum wage

The rates for Uber vary based on demand in a specific area. So when there aren't enough drivers on the road, the rate goes up and more drivers get out there. When the rate goes down to where it's not worth it, some drivers stop.

Almost no Uber driver does it as their primary/full time job (I saw a stat that it was something like 90% of drivers have another job, and 70% have a full time job other than Uber). People use it to supplement their income. If Uber lowers the rates too much, they won't bother driving any more.

In fact, Uber did cut their rates in some areas earlier this year. It rightfully pissed off a lot of drivers, and a bunch of them stopped driving. At that point there were not *enough* drivers, so the surge pricing kicked in, raised the rates from the lower base, and drivers came back. Uber is also talking about ending surge pricing... and Uber drivers are threatening to quit over it. Not to mention Lyft is expanding like mad, and currently offering big bonuses trying to steal drivers from Uber.

Do I think it's possible/likely Uber will try to screw over drivers? Yeah, I don't they have their drivers interests at heart, they want to make money. But so far the pure supply and demand has created a service that both drivers and passengers are, for the most part, pretty happy with. The *real* fuck you to the drivers is going to come when self driving cars completely replace them...

Comment Re:Um... so what? (Score 1) 106

And yet his argument is well thought out and totally reasonable. while your argument provides almost no actual evidence supporting your opinion. Who's the one pushing the "religion" in this case?

I'd argue that someone magically believing that setting BOTH arbitrary limits on supply AND pricing is the one bowing to a fake religion...

Comment Re:I'm not arguing that at all (Score 1) 106

Do these friends of yours havea a driver's license that allows them to operate a vehicle for hire?

Who cares, that's my point, duh.

Do they have mandatory inspections for safety and serviceability of their vehicles?

Yep they do, and I have felt safer in most Uber rides over many of the shitty, dirty cabs I have been a passenger in.

Do they carry insurance sufficient to cover their passengers in the case of an accident?

Absolutely. This was a done deal years ago welcome to the modern age...

Comment Re:Um... so what? (Score 1) 106

Of COURSE it's about people in "certain areas". Te Urban areas are the only places this is even an issue. In the suburbs and even more the rural areas Uber is a godsend for those not having their own means of transportation.

Where do you live? Have you ever tried to get a cab in the semi-rural Midwest? I have. It's nigh-impossible, while getting an Uber still takes make 10-15 minutes since the driver doesn't have to be a part of a big taxi company.

Comment Re:I'm not arguing that at all (Score 1) 106

What part of Uber is a ride share service?

What part of "ride share services (which yes, let's admit it, are totally the new taxis)" did you not get?

Actually, I TOTALLY AGREE that Uber is a transportation company and not a digital services company. My argument is that the current regulations on "transportation companies" are absurd.

I a not "pro Uber" per se - but I do agree some additional regulation is in order. But I also have several friends who are Uber drivers who are very happy with it and yet would never have been able to be taxi drivers due to the taxi company commmitments/onerous regulations/etc.

And we are not talking China or South America in THIS ARTICLE (though actually - in SA Uber drivers "dying" are from cartel-connected taxi companies encouraging shooting at them). We are talking Europe. I have taken a bunch of Ubers in Europe and it was a great experience all around. I asked the drivers if they liked it and most (who were driving Mercedes and BMWs by the way) said it was the best job they have had).

Comment Re:Um... so what? (Score 1) 106

So you are arguing that ride share services (which yes, let's admit it, are totally the new taxis) should be suppressed because they are so much better for 98% of the population, but may make it harder for the other 2%?

So why not just throw away they rest of the outdated taxi regulations and let people call a number to request an Uber? I'm sure they'd be happy to oblige that 2% (in reality, it's way less than that - probably a fraction of a percent) in order to get government regulators off their backs.

Comment Re:Um... so what? (Score 1) 106

Yes, in some cases it was because people were being abused. In many other cases it's because lobbyists of the oligopolies want to prevent competition or local governments can't figure out how to maximize their taxes on it.

If you disagree, please explain how Uber has seriously harmed anyone other than the outdated Taxi companies. It's frankly absurd that a person would need government permission just to accept money to drive another person where they want to go.

Comment Re:Steve Bannon, not a racist? (Score 1) 805

Of course he has. He has said about Breitbart - exact quote - "we are the platform of the alt-right movement". That EXPLICITLY links him to the alt-right. Go look up *their* platform yourself, and if you aren't willing to do that why would anyone bother debating it with you?

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