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Submission + - Windows Defender update crashes Windows .. (

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft has fixed a snafu with Windows Defender that took down thousands of business PCs and servers running Windows XP and Server 2003 .. The only solution to getting affected machines back up was to uninstall the updated signatures ...

Submission + - Steal our OpenSSL private key says CloudFlare .. (

An anonymous reader writes: "after extensive testing on our software stack, we have been unable to successfully use Heartbleed on a vulnerable server to retrieve any private key data."

"To get more eyes on the problem, we have created a site so the world can challenge this hypothesis: .. This site was created by CloudFlare engineers to be intentionally vulnerable to heartbleed .. If someone is able to steal the private key from this site using heartbleed, we will post the full details here.

Submission + - Googling versus Bing ..

An anonymous reader writes: Google on .. movie about guy going into a place with contact lenses to get past security .. top results: Gattaca (1997)

Bing on .. movie about guy going into a place with contact lenses to get past security .. top results: Multifocal Contact Lenses — Eye Zone — We've Got Vision ...

Submission + - How Amstrad changed the face of computing .. (

An anonymous reader writes: Lord Sugar came into this cold: his biggest success was with Amstrad's hi-fi systems. Amstrad's hi-fis had no interconnecting wires, just a mains cable and sold in droves. Showing that consumers loved simplicity. Lord Sugar wanted the same for the CPC ..

Amstrad sought to keep the price of the machine as low as possible – certainly lower than the $2,638 (£1,575) wanted for the Apple II 48K machine. The CPC 464, with a green screen monitor, cost £199; colour cost £299 (the monitor-less Commodore 64 was £195.95 and the Spectrum cost £175). And it more than matched spec-wise. The 464 had a Z80 processor like the ZX Spectrum and 64k of RAM, like the Commodore 64. It had a palette of 27 colours and ports for peripherals such as a printer.

Submission + - Crypto Wars .. (

An anonymous reader writes: In the 1970s, a group of quirky academics and scientists came up with a means of providing encryption to the masses. America’s National Security Agency went to war with them – doing its best to suppress the emerging technology of public encryption. In the 1990s the US government pushed to have every computer and phone installed with something called a ‘clipper’ chip which would allow the government to break encryption if needed – effectively a back door for the state. They lost that battle and so what we have learnt from the Snowden leaks is how they tried to work round encryption by hacking into companies and other spy-type methods to retain their edge.

Submission + - Brendan Eich to leave Mozilla .. (

An anonymous reader writes: Brendan Eich recently stepped down as CEO of Mozilla, developer of the Firefox Web browser. It may be more accurate to say he was forced out in the wake of a rising boycott against him.

Submission + - EU should switch to ODF standard (

DTentilhao writes: The European institutions should switch to using the Open Document Format ODF as their internal default document format, says Member of the European Parliament Indrek Tarand. Speaking at a meeting of the European Parliament's Free Software User Group (Epfsug), last week Wednesday, MEP Tarand said: "Moving to ODF would allow real innovation, and real procurement.

Submission + - NTFS streams for pentesters .. (

An anonymous reader writes: As penetration testers, using ADS could allow us to bypass the expected behavior of the applications. Take in account that NTFS streams are fully integrated by Windows, which also imply that most of the web components build on top of it supports it (e.g. PHP/Java), even if the developers are not aware of that.

Therefore, using the ADS format could help us during our penetration testing activities, as the input validation controls might not be expecting a filename using the NTFS stream format.

Submission + - Banks sue Target over security breach .. (

An anonymous reader writes: Target and its security partner Trustwave have been sued by two banks for "monumental" losses they say card issuers will face because of the retailer's holiday season data breach.

Submission + - Monsanto guilty of false advertising .. (

An anonymous reader writes: The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) of South Africa has today ordered Monsanto to withdraw its advertisement on Radio 702 with immediate effect, wherein Monsanto claims the benefits of GM crops. According to ASA, Monsanto’s claims were found to be unsubstantiated ..

Submission + - Terrorist AT&T cable box .. (

An anonymous reader writes: .. 'Alana Meeks .. says for the past week her family has been getting harassing messages from .. their AT&T cable box .. an unknown hacker is somehow taking control of the box and typing out messages. “He says he’s a stalker,” recounted Meeks. “This stuff is uncanny. I’ve never heard of nothing like this in my life.”`

Submission + - Patent Troll patents Internet .. (

An anonymous reader writes: 7,385,998 – Encapsulating traffic “over metallic physical mediums”, with claims covering ATM, Frame Relay, Ethernet, IP, PPP, voice and Infiniband.

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