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Comment Leaves out the important story (Score 0, Funny) 58

This is nice and all, but it leaves out the important story - what kind of shirt was the spokeman wearing when he made the announcement? We all know, from empirical experience, that this issue is far more important than any mind-shattering science that could have been done that day.

If you can force a rocket scientist, celebrating the accomplishment of a lifetime, to cry and grovel and beg forgiveness on international TV for wearing a shirt, you are not unempowered.

Comment Re:OMG, a months rent! (Score 1) 241

In the future, please do not respond to Score:0 anonymous posts. Slashdot has been infected by severe trolls from 4chan and they post regularly. They feed off responses, so don't give them any. The best revenge to a stupidly inflammatory response is silence. That's what trolls hate most of all.

Comment Re:By God men, we can't allow a time-in-space gap! (Score 1) 44

Where's this bizarre concept come from? "The Soviets will destroy us all with their superior number of days in orbit!" is just straight out of left field. Who was even talking about that? You need to get with the new picture...Russia is ruled by a maniacal dictator who hacked the DNC and who is friends with Trump. They don't share in any humanity as long as they are throwing gays in jail. Russia today is a preview of Trump's potential fascist empire.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score -1, Troll) 674

What's with your bizarre Eurocentrism? You started off all right, with the "human history" part, but then you went full retard and listed only the tiny sliver of history that whites were involved in. Where are the Guptas, the Zulu, the Aztecs? It was cringeworthy reading your parochial, closed-minded worldview. There's a whole world outside the tiny part inhabited by whites, learn about it sometime.

Comment Re:My Instagram feed is nonexistent (Score 1) 82

It makes you suspicious. People these days, especially young ones, want to see all your social media profiles before they'll have anything to do with you. It's a low-trust environment, they're naturally suspicious of outsiders. Either you match their beliefs and customs by having active Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. accounts, or you're a weird un-person. It's bad enough when they see posts disagreeing with one of their leftist political views, but when you don't have an account at all then you obviously have a dark secret to hide. You call this exaggeration but I've seen it.

Comment Re:Driving in reverse (Score 1) 152

Horrifyingly dreary for YOU, maybe. But people of average and low intelligence have no problem with repetitive tasks. It is only people of high intelligence who require a constant stream of novelty and who pout when they can't get it. I love how you can just decide what's good for everyone without even THINKING about people who differ from yourself, and your big brain tells you it's all right because you're smart.

Comment Re:The Future Society (Score 1) 82

So, you just invented this, right? In a story that tells us that recycling phones is a great thing instead of just throwing them into a toxic landfill. No, you can't think of anything nice, you just create a ridiculous strawman argument and then proceed to tear it apart. Fucking seriously, +4 Insighful? A strawman?

Comment Re:Why do people still go there? (Score 1) 347

A capital idea! Why don't you just stay the hell out of a country you hate and avoid them entirely.

The world would be a better place if more people thought like you. Unfortunately, a lot of them would very much like to come to America because they shat in their own countries and now they're unlivable.

Comment Re:Busywork (Score 1) 347

Hello, dumbass. If you lie on the customs form and blow up a bus full of Jewish children, you can be charged with lying on the form and easily deported. Without this offense, there are a million ways that tricky asshole lawyers can keep you from leaving America. You know, the country you desperately wanted to come to since your home country is a shithole.

These laws have been a thing for a long time now. There is a checkbox on tax forms that say, "did you earn any of this money from criminal enterprises?" That's how the nailed Al Capone in the 1930s.

Comment Re:Don't confuse stupid with malicious (Score 1) 526

It's astounding to hear educated people try to excuse Hillary like this. If it were a Republican candidate that pulled the same shit, you'd be all over it like stink on shit. And then pull Trump into it and make a false equivalence, a well-known logical fallacy.

Nobody "chose" Crooked Hillary for the Democratic nomination. She stole it with fraud. Didn't you read the emails? Let me guess: no. Because they'd shatter your precious worldview and we can't have that.

Comment Re: Rape sympathizers (Score 1) 228

Isn't it hilarious that a far leftist like Assurange was laid low by his own buddies, the Swedish radical feminists? I laughed for days. Moreover, a man who spent his entire life fantasizing about being a personal enemy of the USA and he finally gets his wish. What does he immediately do? He falls for the oldest trick in the book: the honey trap. LOL.

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