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Comment Just when you thought M$ weren't Borg after all (Score 1) 259

...turns out they are ;-} (reminiscent of the Gates icon /. used to have): 'The company has built a "biological computation" unit that says its ultimate aim is to make cells into living computers. As such, they could be programmed and reprogrammed to treat any diseases'

Comment Re:Export current cookie permissions before upgrad (Score 1) 471

For the record, enabled sites have a type=cookie, permission=1 (Allow) or 8 (Allow for Session), in the moz_hosts and (more recently, clumsily introduced and inconveniently distinguished by leading protocol IDs that hence needed to be set twice, for http and https) moz_perms tables of the respective /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/permissions.sqlite (readable e.g. by SQLite Database Browser).

Backup while you can.

Comment They will transition lobbyists into the new policy (Score 1) 220

...as in any regime change, making it barely distinguishable from the previous government's, and on similar sources of "support".

If contradictions to the campaign that got them into office become all too flagrant (e.g. recently enacted or even forthcoming anti-citizen, anti-consumer provisions, in particular via international conventions), they may conveniently be excused by "having to keep bearing the burden of their predecessors' unfortunate legacy".

If votes could change a nation, there'd be a law against them.

Comment 6 blind men analyze an elephant (Score 1) 75


TFA: The results are intriguing—even a relatively simple neural network can be used to over-interpret an image, just like as children we enjoyed watching clouds and interpreting the random shapes. This network was trained mostly on images of animals, so naturally it tends to interpret shapes as animals.

Less intriguing: to consider that similar networks (especially once giving "recommendations" to unquestioning end users) might ascribe e.g. criminal propensity or lack of creditworthiness to the odd proverbial "innocent bystander" by over-amplifying distinctions they "think" to have learned.

The "Bad Blue sky" tank detector https://neil.fraser.name/writi... "might be apocryphal" (just like the Obstinate Lighthouse http://www.snopes.com/military... ;-)) but instructive nonetheless.

Comment For those in Power,oversimplification is the Point (Score 1) 327

Its slides are oversimplified, and bullet points omit the complexities of nearly any issue

So whatever split-second decision an overpaid high-level executive takes by not allowing anything the requisite minimum thought, s/he can later blame on (and get someone else fired for) having been given incomplete information as requested by demanding earlier on that every complex matter be reduced to a polished assortment of insufficient buzzwords in incomplete grammar. In short, PPTs institutionalize PHBs' hierarchical infallibility at the expense of underlings who have to use it.

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