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Submission + - Your Digital Life in Ultraviolet 2

D.A. Zollinger writes: Not happy with the status quo, many of the major media companies have devised yet another DRM scheme named Ultraviolet. Going beyond the control of physical media, this DRM scheme further assists these major media companies to control digital copies as well. Their enticing mantra? Buy your movie once and play it anywhere! Problem? While they have 43 founding members, including big names in Hollywood, Personal Electronics, Mobile Phones, Computers and Software — conspicuously missing is the biggest player in mobile entertainment — DRM free Apple — and the largest media and entertainment conglomerate — Disney.

Submission + - First Self-Sustaining Biomass Bot Eats, Excretes (

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at the UK’s Bristol Robotics Laboratory just unveiled the Ecobot III, the first robot capable of powering itself by consuming and excreting biomass that can run unsupervised for a full week. The bot uses a set of 24 microbial fuel cells to break down its food, extracting electrons from the metabolic process to run ultra low-power circuitry. Chris Melhuish, director of the lab, said the robot was called Ecobot III, but admitted “diarrhea-bot would be more appropriate, as it’s not exactly knocking out rabbit pellets.” Well, as they say: garbage in, garbage out.

Comment Re:Internet hypochondria is already a phenomenon (Score 1) 245

In the industry, this is a concept that has already been talked about quite a bit. In fact, a common mantra heard at AMIA conventions is the oft recited, "Any physician who can be replaced by a computer should be."

Unfortunately, that is MUCH easier said than done. And while clinical decision support systems exist to help physicians with their patient diagnosis, every physician uses them as a guideline, and not as an absolute reference or comprehensive source of information. Experience is heavily valued, which is why every physician has 7+ years of postgraduate education and working in the field.

Real Time Strategy (Games)

Achron — an RTS With Time Travel 141

An anonymous reader writes "As much as I'm looking forward to StarCraft 2, there's a new RTS gaming tech that has me even more enthused. The Escapist Magazine has posted interviews and footage of the upcoming 'meta-time strategy game' Achron, which was announced at GDC earlier this year. It's a multiplayer RTS where you can send things through time. The official site has some gameplay footage as well, and it looks like their tech is useful outside of gaming."

Comment Wrong Criteria (Score 1) 372

You are considering the wrong criteria in getting a degree. You should instead be asking yourself, "What would I enjoy doing more?" The passion in doing what you enjoy is the best way to maximize your earning potential. You will enjoy going to work everyday, you will be excited to take on and complete diverse projects, and your passion and drive will be obvious to anyone who is around you. People will interpret this as a hardworking ethic at the company , and/or love of the company you work at which will in turn translate in to a higher income.

So if you are interested in setting policy, go for your MBA. If you are interested in applying computer technology to the business setting, go for the MS in IT degree. If you are interested in programming, and the creation of computer tools, go for the MS in computer science. However, there are many fields of study that you did not mention that may be of interest as well, everything from software engineering (specialization in writing software), to computer engineering (designing specialized computing devices), to HCI (how people interact with computers), to the numerous sub specialties of informatics (I'm personally studying health informatics, and the creation of unique tools to better health care and help clinicians be safer and more effective).

Sounds like you need to do more research into what you want to do for the rest of your life, and change the criteria basis for which you are basing this decision.

Comment Re:Timers? (Score 2, Insightful) 77

Exactly, make the hint button inaccessible for several seconds after a move has been made, justifying it by saying they haven't tried long enough to try figure out the next move. Imagine if you were sitting next to the player, what kinds of hints would you give them, and how often?

Developers should respond to the requests of their users, however, those requests should be tempered be the social aspect of user (player) interaction with the software (game).

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - AT&T CEO Confirms 3G iPhone in 2008 (

An anonymous reader writes: AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson told reporters at a meeting Thursday night that a 3G capable iPhone would be available "next year". There had previously been no confirmation of this rumor, but this may have stolen some of the thunder from the upcoming MacWorld in January.

Submission + - Bacteria Feared Infesting Medical Mobile Devices

D.A. Zollinger writes: With the uptake in mobile devices in medicine, especially with the uptake in computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems, clinicians are starting to fear that the very devices used to help find information at the patient's bedside are breeding ground for infectious agents. This is mostly due in part to health information technology (HIT) adapting off-the-shelf PDAs and other computing devices instead of having enough clout to demand an inexpensive mobile computing device that can be easily cleaned and disinfected.
The Courts

Submission + - Has RIAA Abandoned "Making Available"?

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The RIAA's standard complaint (pdf) was thrown out last month by a federal judge in California as so much "conclusory" "boilerplate" "speculation" in Interscope v. Rodriguez. Interestingly, the RIAA's amended complaint (pdf), filed six (6) days later, abandoned altogether the RIAA's "making available" argument, which it first formulated in defending the dismissal motion in Elektra v. Barker. This raises a number of questions, including (a) whether the RIAA is going to stick to this new form of complaint in future cases, (b) whether it is going to get into a different kind of trouble for some of its new allegations, such as its contention that the investigator "detected an individual" (contradicting the testimony of the RIAA's own expert witness) and the allegation that the defendant should be held liable because he or she is "the individual responsible for that IP address at that date and time", a phrase which would appear to be meaningless in a copyright infringement context, and (c) what tack defendants' lawyers should take (this was one lawyer's suggestion)."
The Courts

Submission + - Supreme Court rules Ebay sale binding. (

Slurpee writes: The NSW Supreme court has ruled that making an offer of sale on Ebay is legally binding. In other words — you can't change your mind. In a case that reached the NSW Supreme Court, Peter Smythe sued Vin Thomas after he changed his mind on the sale of a 1946 World War II Wirraway plane after the eBay auction had ended. "It follows that, in my view, a binding contract was formed between the plaintiff and the defendent and that it should be specifically enforced," Justice Rein said in his decision. The judgment sets a precedent for future cases and means eBay sales could now be legally binding (At least in Australia).

Submission + - Ruling by Secret US Court Allegedly Reduces Spying

conspirator57 writes: TFA na-spying2aug02,0,5813563.story?coll=la-home-cente r states that the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (a court that no citizen can establish standing to appear before) has ruled against Executive requests for so-called "basket warrants" as violating the 4th amendment to the Constitution, namely that such warrants do not meet the clearly expressed criteria in the second half of the amendment. To accomplish this they must have looked startlingly like British general warrants which were the original motivation for the 4th amendment. for more.

TFA is very sympathetic to the Executive branch, going on to depict ways in which we're all less safe because of this ruling. Personally, I feel safer with more rulings like this one. Just wish the process were a bit more transparent.

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."
The Courts

Submission + - Dell Punishes Workers By Closing Call Center

An anonymous reader writes: After employees at Dell's Roseburg, Oregon call center filed a lawsuit about violations of state and federal labor law Dell responds by closing the call center and stating "the closure has nothing to do with a lawsuit filed by employees of the Roseburg center in February". This act in itself seems to be another violation of labor law due the closure being a retaliatory act.

Submission + - Electrostatic Magnet Motor Made from Kitchen Stuff (

Sterling Allan writes: "Scott F. Hall, an associate professor of art at the University of Central Florida, was tinkering around with stuff in his kitchen and came up with a continuously rotating mechanism that appears to harness electrostatic energy from the atmosphere — or something. The gizmo spins at around 80 revolutions per minute, and is constructed from a can of dog food, tooth picks, refrigerator magnets, a pencil, spring clips, and a small corner cut out of a box. Three toothpics are formed into an inverted tripod and spin atop the fourth toothpick held vertical by a spring clip that has magnets situated around the base. A graphite pencil is held over the the point of the inverted tripod via another spring clip sitting atop the can of dog food. Hall (suitable last name) posted a video at YouTube showing the gizmo running. The next day, he posted another video showing a round paperweight spinning (though not continuously) via magnets placed on its perimeter, with magnets on two adjoining dog food cans."

Submission + - Mac users' Internet experience to remain seamless 2

thefickler writes: Mac users will continue to see the Internet as it was intended, thanks to the renewal of a font licensing agreement between Microsoft and Apple. At TypeCon2007 Microsoft and Apple announced they have renewed their font licensing agreement, giving Apple users ongoing use of the latest versions of Microsoft Windows core fonts.

Back in 1996 Microsoft started the "Core fonts for the Web" initiative. The idea of this initiative was to create a a standard pack of fonts that would be present on all or most computers, allowing web pages to be displayed consistently on different computers. While the project was terminated in 2002, some of the fonts defined as core fonts for the web have gone on to become known as "web safe fonts", and are therefore widely used by Internet developers.
Linux Business

Submission + - How would you sell Linux?

DF5JT writes: "Imagine: You have at your hand a fully equipped office, a staff of two telesales agents and 3 months to show that Linux in itself is a product that you can sell. Your goal is to penetrate SMBs that usually run Windows on all their servers and desktops and try to convince them that Linux is a veritable alternative, both from a technical and financial side.

How would you do it, who would you talk to and specifically, what would you try to sell them on the phone?

Would you mention Vista and its downsides? Would you mention terms like vendor-lock-in, proprietary standards and Trojan attacks? Or would you stick to Linux' advantages and emphasize Open Source as a development model, costs of licensing and Open Standards?

Tell me your view, because I'd like to learn about your experience, since I have now at my hand a fully equipped office, a staff of two telesales agents and 3 months to show that Linux in itself is a product that I can sell."

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