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Submission + - Kung Fury (80's Movie Themed Kickstarter project) released on YouTube

Cutting_Crew writes: Kung Fury was a Kickstarter Project back in late 2013 that was " over-the-top action comedy written and directed by David Sandberg. The movie features: arcade-robots, dinosaurs, nazis, vikings, norse gods, mutants and a super kung fu-cop called Kung Fury, all wrapped up in an 80s style action packed adventure."

Although it didn't raise the $1 Million for a full feature film, it raised $650,000 over the initial $200,000 goal and it was finally released on May 28th on Youtube as a 30 minute short feature film. It was created using mainly a green screen for all the fighting/backdrops/special effects in the Swedish basement of the Director and Writer David Sanberg . This was made by some of the same guys behind Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and by 80's synth musicians such as Mitch Murder(Johan Bengtsson).

There was also a music video made for the movie and who wouldn't be a better front man for the video than the hoffman hoff David Hasselhoff . Seriously, its a good video, in a nostalgic, scary, awfully awesome cheesy way. How can you go wrong with Hoff mixed in with dinosaurs, a NES powerglove a hot barbarian chick and a computer hacker playing a keyboard that generates a hot neon pink pulse wave coming out the top? The video also gives a small nudge to the Texas Instruments Speak & Math when the hacker presses the keyboard with the powerglove.

The movie also does the justice of the 80's. Action, Deloreans, Lambos, Hot fighter chicks, Computer hacking, neon lights, arcade machines and cool synth music. It even incorporates distortions in the movie (and the music video) intentionally to give the effect of watching it on VHS. What other 80's references did you pick up on?

Submission + - Rare 80's Video Footage of a Ms. Pac Man Factory (

Cutting_Crew writes: " Kotaku has some really neat 80's footage of a Ms. Pac factory in action.

The footage includes everything from soldering, wiring, testing the slot where the quarters go through, putting together the cabinetry and even testing the gameplay itself.

I wonder how many of these workers were geeks or fans of the game. Most of them probably had nightmares about working there and never had the desire to play it."


Submission + - Spider that Builds It's Own Spider Decoys Discovered (

OakDragon writes: "A newly discovered species of spider — apparently of the genus Cyclosa — has been discovered in the Peruvian Amazon. The spider builds an elaborate decoy out of web, twigs, and other scraps, that appears to be a much larger spider. The spider will even cause the decoy to move, marionette-style, by shaking the web."

Submission + - It's open season on software patents(and possibly invalidating them) (

Cutting_Crew writes: "I came across an article on Wired that explains the crowd sourcing initiative between Stack Exchange, Google and the US Patent and Trademark Office. The overall purpose gives 3rd parties the ability to search and seek out prior art in an effort to derail pending patents and even invalidate patents that never should have been granted. This effort has led to the Patents on Stack Exchange where you can make a clear case about why a patent shouldn't be accepted or reversed and even submit it to the patent office(with the help of others helping you — that's the whole point!).

I started a thread there that relates to the slashdot story about Words Inc suing Blizzard over 4 patent claims 8,082,501, 7,493,558, 7,945,856 and 7,181,690 whose overall patent claim involves "System and Method for Enabling Users to Interact in a Virtual Space”. I got some good feedback and interest but it was suggested that i take one of the claims and try to offer up evidence of prior art and if I get backing I can start on the others — instead of trying to take on all four patents at once — which are slightly different in their details. If anyone is interested, I need help with coming up with prior art that I might have missed or simply don't know about in addition to the lists of prior art that I declared in my thread.

This is also a good time for all of us to look over other ridiculous software patents that have made its way onto Slashdot before so let the patent hunting begin!"


Submission + - Graphics Cards: The Future of Online Authentication? (

Gunkerty Jeb writes: Researchers working on the "physically unclonable functions found in standard PC components (PUFFIN) project" announced last week that widely used graphics processors could be the next step in online authentication. The project seeks to find uniquely identifiable characteristics of hardware in common computers, mobile devices, laptops and consumer electronics.

The researchers realized that apparently identical graphics processors are actually different in subtle, unforgeable ways. A piece of software developed by the researchers is capable of discerning these fine differences. The order of magnitude of these differences is so minute, in fact, that manufacturing equipment is incapable of manipulating or replicating them. Thus, the fine-grained manufacturing differences can act as a sort of a key to reliably distinguish each of the processors from one another.

The implication of this discovery is that such differences can be used as physically unclonable features to securely link the graphics cards, and by extension, the computers in which they reside and the persons using them, to specific online accounts.

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