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Comment Re: Can't even match Cygwin (Score 1) 163

Cygwin, VNC, VLC, and Chrome are the first things I install with Windows. This wsfl thing seems more like the experience of running Windows in Parallels on OSX than cygwin. I'm sure there are people who want a linux distro installed in their windows partition, but I'll pass. Cygwin works well, I get an ssh server & client, X server, bash, and more that just works and makes using Windows bearable.

Comment Re:Not Selling stolen stuff (Score 1) 72

What other choice was there? Not take the deal and possibly end up with a life sentence along with the thousands of other non-violent offenders you folks have incarcerated? The U.S. justice system is completely broken. The lack of a victim in these "crimes" should rule out incarceration.

How a first-time drug charge became a life sentence for this mother of two

Update: President Obama granted Brant a clemency on Dec. 18, 2015, along with 94 other federal inmates. She was released from prison on Feb. 2, 2016
"I'm like, 'I didn't kill anybody,'" Brant told me. "They say, 'So what did you do?' 'Well, I was in a relationship with a guy who dealt drugs.' And they're like, 'That's it?' "
She's spent the last 21 years of her life behind bars on a first-time, nonviolent drug conspiracy charge.

Nobody in the history of Canada has ever been imprisoned for selling cannabis seeds. Strangely enough, when a U.S. citizen is caught selling illegal firearms across the border, your government refuses to extradite because it's not a crime in the U.S..


Comment Re:Not Selling stolen stuff (Score 2) 72

Were his crimes violent and criminal in nature, which would warrant extradition, or is this essentially a civil case?

I don't think that will make the slightest bit of difference. Marc Emery was extradited to the US for selling seeds. Something that thousands of people are selling in a large number of states with no repercussions. Not a single person existed to say they were even harmed by him let alone suffered violence. The American government abducted a Canadian who had never set foot in the USA let alone committed any crimes there and held him for 5 years alongside murderers and rapists.

Comment Re:Much as I'd like to support Israeli companies (Score 1) 76

I bought their "Hummingboard" when it came out. It had horrible stability issues, many features didn't work and still don't. The support pages are full of dead links now. Total garbage, once bitten twice shy.

And I received a bunch of Israeli propaganda in my inbox after purchasing that was not expected or wanted.

Comment Re:Huh... (Score 1) 157

It's pretty much exactly the same thing as using Google Hangouts on Android, which can also be installed on OSX, iOS, in a browser, etc..

My personal phone is Android, work phone is iOS, personal laptop is a Macbook, work laptop is a PC. Hangouts works everywhere, and so I actively encourage friends and coworkers to use something that isn't vendor locked.

That's why it is a failing of iMessage. It's a pain in the ass having contacts who still use it.

Comment Re:I don't understand technology anymore (Score 1) 75

Every manufacturer seems to be doing it now at least in the higher end models. Lennox has iComfort, Trane has this POS from the topic, Carrier has Infinity. The thermostats are connected to the furnace with 4 wires. R = 24v, C = Common, "i+", and "i-". There's those same terminals at the Air Conditioner. The gas valve has Tx and Rx blinky lights, the blower motor too. The thermostat reads the outdoor temp from the air conditioner's thermistor through the bus, all sorts of sensors in the furnace are readable in the thermostat, CFM of the blower, pressure in the ductwork, supply and return temperatures, etc..

Comment Re:IOT isn't as easy as it sounds. (Score 1) 75

The problem isn't the switch to ECM. It's that they didn't make replacements for when they broke. So repairing a broken ECM inducer motor requires me to replace almost every electronic component in the furnace along with the associated labour costs to do it, even though I'm fully capable of doing it myself. They will not sell them to me.

Comment Re:IOT isn't as easy as it sounds. (Score 1) 75

I'm sure there's a cool factor that means something to somebody. But when you live in a climate that is -40 degrees (celsius and fahrenheit) at times, having your thermostat email you when the furnace has failed is definitely more than cool, it can save you thousands of dollars.

Comment Re:IOT isn't as easy as it sounds. (Score 1) 75

Even on boards without those terminals, you could if you wanted use relays to switch speeds powered by the EAC terminal which is powered any time the fan is on. Except the circuit board is so "smart", that it cant tell how fast the blower motor is spinning anymore and assumes it has failed.

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