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Comment Re:You think the housing collapse was bad (Score 1) 917

My wife worked full time (admittedly defined as 36 hours per week) and went to school full time for two years while she got a masters degree at Boston College. She did not borrow a penny during this time period (she took out just in case loans that were never spent and paid back the month she graduated). It is not too hard to believe this model could be extended to four years for a bachelors degree. OTOH, this meant she had to actually devote her life mostly to school and work, and live a poverty lifestyle during this time period. Oh the horror for the precious snowflakes! Additionally, anyone who borrows money to got to a private school is an idiot, unless you are getting a degree that pays the bills (engineering, etc.).

Comment My sense of direction is so good .... (Score 1) 520

... that I can distinctly remember the single time that I have been lost, trying to navigate across Boston in a rental car the first time I ever visited. It was after dark, and I was trying to follow Route 2 from the Airport to Alewife Station (don't ask) and got off track somewhere in Cambridge. In 44 years, I have only been lost this one time.

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