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Submission + - Unique ID number to track school kids in Australia ( 2

Cryacin writes: Proudly brought to you directly from 1984, it seems that the Australian government has found another way to attempt to get people used to being tagged.

Each school child in Australia will get an identity number via a program designed to track their progress throughout their school career, the federal government is expected to announce as early as today.

The "unique identity number" will be attached to the My School program, which publishes the performance of individual schools on the internet, Fairfax Media reports.

The number will allow parents and other concerned parties to access a database documenting a child's performance during the course of their school years, regardless of how many schools they attend and whether they move interstate. (Or change their name, address, phone number, hair colour or anything else to preserve anonymity).

The move is expected to cause controversy and raise privacy provisions, a "senior source" told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Protections would be built in to stop third parties being able to identify students. Hmmm... where have we heard this before?!?

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