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Comment Re:Don't forget the Uncle Hogram Program! (Score 1) 122

This is the case on quite a few fronts. I was working for a television station in NZ a few years ago, and they were literally throwing out Beta tapes of original programming.

Also, classic staples for us nerds such as Le Monde Englouti (Spartacus and the sun beneath the sea), some episodes simply don't exist anymore in the english dub.

Comment Re:Where have I heard that before (Score 4, Insightful) 609

I also love seeing the comments "The will of the people." Let's keep in mind that leave was 52% to 48%. Although it is an outcome to leave by the measure of democracy, it's hardly a decisive result. Furthermore, if you care to look up the most common Google search term in the UK on the Friday after the Brexit vote, you'll find it's "What is the EU?".

If the plebiscite was run again, it is likely to be a completely different result again. Right now, London, Scotland and Ireland seem to strongly want to remain.

I can understand why the Brexiteers are running another large campaign now showing "how good the economy is" and don't succumb to "project fear".

Are you really sure the plebiscite was a reflection of the will of the people, or the fear of the people?

Never underestimate the power of Xenophobia to control a populace.

Comment Re: POWAR TO THE PEOPLE! (Score 4, Insightful) 609

I for one now see why all the Brexiteer crowd have piped up saying how fantastically wonderful Brexit will be for the economy, and how "leading think tanks" (still to find out who and or what was put in the tank) have come to the conclusion that Brexit will allow Britain to be better positioned, essentially having access to the EU market, whilst not being bound by EU rule. The truth of the matter is that although the economy is somewhat rebounding like a dead cat does, Britain has not yet Brexited. Ladies and gentlemen, reality is yet to come. Until now it is but pure speculative noise.

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