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Comment Re:Yeah, well (Score 3, Informative) 392

I changed my video card to one that had HDMI audio. If I want to use my fancy sound card, I need to prevent the system
from defaulting to the HDMI interface.

Your video card can output higher quality audio than your "fancy" audio card can, really.

(Mint 18.1) fails to make the old interface available in any of its configuration options. Blacklist the HDMI module? Now
I don't get any sound configuration interface at all. I fumbled around on the forums for days. Nobody had a solution that
that worked, much less one that a noob could grok.

pavucontrol, run it. If pavucontrol is not installed, install it, it has more configuration options and is apparently NOT installed by default in Mint 18.1 It will show BOTH your "fancy" sound card and HDMI audio and you can switch between them on the fly. In fact you can choose which output an application uses on an individual level. For example you could have XMMS outputting to HDMI, while rhythmbox is sending output to your "fancy" sound card.

IMHO pavucontrol should ALWAYS be installed by default on pulseaudio using systems

Comment Re:For the Republican readers (Score 1) 398

4. He imposed obamacare which doubled my monthly healthcare costs.

HE didn't raise your healthcare costs, your insurance company did, when people who didn't have insurance got some and actually started using healthcare to improve their lives! The insurance industry were STILL making insane profits, just smaller insane profits, so they raised prices. And they were able to do so because the government didn't have the power to stop them. Remember, if you get your healthcare from your employer, not from the exchanges, the ACA doesn't have anything to do with that.

Blame excessive unregulated capitalism, not Obama.

Comment Re:goddammit (Score 1) 322

It's not that anything that uses pulse is dead while jackd runs, it is that unless you have everything configured up right it will "appear" audio-dead. But if you DO have it configured up properly you can use applications that use pulseaudio while using JACK. I've done it.

Pulse HAS displaced ALSA, except for some of the bearded grognards. As for JACK, JACK is designed for more high end audio, especially real-time work. IIRC Pulseaudio wasn't capable of realtime operation until what was it, last year? And even then I've been told it can't do some of the source/sink tricks JACK can do.

That said, I run Fedora as a desktop, and pulse has worked well for me in Fedora since what was it, 15? That's when HDMI audio began working automagically without me having to manually configure it. (It worked BEFORE then, but required some manual config edits)

Comment Re:goddammit (Score 1) 322

Install qjackctl and start jackd? Youtube still works?

If will if you have it set up properly. The way Jack and pulse interact has changed in the past couple of years. If you're still using an older configuration it might not work properly.

Two ways of handling it:

load the module-jack-source module-jack-sink modules by default in the pulse configs.

Open Qjackctrl, In the set 'Execute script on startup' setting change it to:

pulseaudio -k

Then when you hit the button to actually start the server it kills Pulse for a moment, jack takes over, but then pulse restarts and interfaces with jack properly.

If you don't want to load those modules by default you can add the following to qjackctrl's 'Execute script after startup' setting along with the pulseaudio-k setting above:

pactl load-module module-jack-source;pactl load-module module-jack-sink

Comment Re:Switched to PulseAudio today - here's my story (Score 1) 322

3. If you're trying to set up 5.1 over optical SPDIF, may god have mercy on your soul. Good luck getting it to output 5.1 DTS. I was only ever able to get stereo, but I hear it's doable.

Pulse defaults to LPCM for higher quality and SPDIF can only handle 2 channel LPCM. You can edit the various config files to change that if pavucontrol isn't giving you an option to switch between various modes in the configuration tab.

Failing that, try HDMI, pulse can send up to 7.1 LPCM over HDMI.

Comment Re:I can't believe this is considered acceptable. (Score 1) 322

You are confused about what GStreamer is. It can't replace pulse because it is a multimedia framework that works at a different level. If you check the processes of your supposedly pulse free KDE system you will find pulse, unless you intentionally removed it.

In fact KDE uses pulse by default.

Comment Re:Just make a PS4 VM. (Score 1) 84

And if consoles still did that, it'd be great.
I watched my housemate set up a multiplayer game of FIFA on the PS3...

The key word in that statement is "PS3", things are more streamlined on the PS4 where everything is more unified.

I can hear the fans in my housemates PS4 from another floor.

Fat PS3's are louder....he probably doesn't have it well ventilated or else it has dust/cat hair in it.

Which lacks the precision of a KB and mouse. I mean you don't have a choice of controllers at all.

Sure we've got a choice, it just depends on the game. Supporting mouse+keyboard (or other controls) on Playstations is a developer choice, not Sony's. I've got PS2/PS3/PS4 games within 10 feet of my current position that DO support various control methods.

Works so well on my housemates PS4, he sometimes does it twice.

Perhaps your "mate" doesn't know how to properly use the PS4, because you only have to tap the PS button ONCE to make the controller active.

- Paying for multiplayer.

Technically PS+ subscriptions aren't just for multiplayer, they include the Instant game library. Also some games don't require PS+ for online multiplayer on the PS4, and it is NEVER required on the PS3 or Vita.

- RROD and YLOD's.

Never had one of those, the people who have those are a tiny minority.

"centre" "bollocks" - high prices of games.

I take it you're in the UK a traditional bastion of anti-console rhetoric (thanks to the UK government protecting Sinclair from the likes of Nintendo, Sega, Sony), You might know know this but in the US, PC and console games are priced EXACTLY the same.

Comment Re:Just make a PS4 VM. (Score 1) 84

Including boot up

Rest mode

and controller pairing(steam controller is awesome)

On the PS4 all you do is hit the PS4 button.

I'm not locked down to proprietary bullshit expensive headsets and other peripherals.

I don't know where you got the idea that console headsets are proprietary. The PS2 used standard USB headsets.

The PS3 used either usb or Bluetooth.

The PS4 uses either USB or analog.

If you want to use a keyboard you can use whatever USB (or bluetooth one you want)

If you want to use a HOTAS with War Thunder you can use whatever Saitek or Thrustmaster one you want.

But anybody that calls themselves a nerd that owns a console for a reason other than to play games with their non nerd friends is stupid.

I run Linux, I think people playing games on Windows are the stupid ones.

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