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Comment Re:Atari 2600 (Score 1) 855

it was actually before the 2600, I think it might have been the VCS.

2600/VCS are two different names for the same thing. VCS was the original name then they started calling it the 2600 the year the 5200 came out.

And my friend had a cartridge we could program basic. circa 79 - 80, but I can find no reference online that such a cartridge existed.

It exists, IIRC it actually uses the keypad accessory...TWO of them.


Comment Re:I approve of this. (Score 1) 245

I had an electronic typewriter that survived all three C64s because instructors wouldn't accept print outs since wordprocessors turned students into lazy writers.

How could they tell the difference? Sure, they could tell the difference with a 9-pin printer in draft mode, but a 24 pin NLQ or daisywheel?

Heck, it's even possible to hook up a Deskjet or Laserjet to a C64, with a GeoCable. IIRC I once got a Deskjet to do text mode output from a C128 with a Xetec printer interface attached.

Comment Re:Yeah, well (Score 1) 510

Naively, I assumed that there was just /dev/xxxxx entries for each port, and you could just redirect programs to them. XD

There probably are, but it isn't 1996 anymore and we don't (in general) access our audio devices that way on a user level, After all who wants to type "/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:09.0/0000:02:00.1/sound/card1" all the time.

I do believe you can redirect on the command line with pactl or pacmd. Also try pasystray.

Comment Re: Lesson 1 (Score 1) 366

You are pretty much like the butt hurt rioters breaking shit and assaulting people.

No because I didn't riot or break things, I engaged in politcal discussion and engaged in political humor using a program. I did not say that Ivanka or her father should die, or that anything should happen to them. I did say she shouldn't work for him, that she is essentially a spoiled Celebutante and that Trump himself has been nationally known to be a self-aggrandizing lying asshole since the 80's....even earlier in NYC.

Ya. He's right. Kill yourself

Says the Anonymous coward internet tough guy, who is afraid to stand by their words.

Hey, I might have heard somewhere that Anonymous Cowards on Slashdot are basement dwelling gamergater fedora wearing aspies who jerk off to pre-pubescent girls in Japanese-animation. I don't know I heard it might be true, you tell me, you tell me. Anonymous Cowards are Fake Internet Smart guys who think that because they can write code they know everything about politics and think that their Trumpfenfuhrer will bring back the good old days when they could say sexist or racist things in their dudebro coder pen at work and get away with it. That he'll send all the Murkesh's and Samit's here on H1B's back to India That's what I've been hearing, you tell me, that's what people say, you tell me

Comment Re:Lesson 1 (Score 1) 366

You just wrote your code to be a complete fucking asshole.

Did I not freely admit I wrote the joke at Spoiled Princess Ivanka's expense? And is there not that much a difference between her life and that of other spoiled Celebutante's like Paris Hilton?

Kill yourself and spare us all the knowledge of your existence. Seriously.. Do it, you mother fucking cunt. No one cares about you anyway.

Okay, so I say Ivanka is spoiled and her dad is a bad person and I should kill myself? Overreacting much? Really...kill myself? And I'm the "cunt"? You know, maybe YOU are the evil person by being a misogynist by using "cunt" as an insult, and telling another human being to kill themselves and that one one cares about them.

Comment Re:Well that settles that (Score 1) 161

I've always imagined Nintendo's executives being something like this:

"Why do the Amerikaijin keep asking about features in regards to this In-ter-net. Baka gaijin, they are suppose to play our video games on the train and manga/gaming cafes with the other Otaku." Nintendo seems to be still have some of that "Great and Glorious Nippon is the center of the video gaming universe, who cares about the gaijin" attitude that has been around since the NES!

Nintendo certainly isn't like Microsoft who understood how integrating certain internet features would benefit gaming on console.

And they aren't even like Sony, SIEA (formerly SCEA) is basically in charge of Sony's gaming division (SIE) now, after Ken Kutaragi's mess with the PS3. The global CEO is Andrew House and it is based in Calfornia, not Japan. Gaijin run SIE now, and everyone knows it. And the head of Sony itself is Kaz Hirai, a former SCEA guy.

Sony is doing VERY well with the PS4 because they got rid of those "we design video game system to be challenge to develop for and documentation for gaijin is secondary. if you cannot figure out undocumented features you are baka gaijin" guys and replaced them with guys like Mark Cerny.

Comment Re:Wouldn't that also happen on other consoles? (Score 2) 161

they are automatically backed up online for your "primary" PS4 system if you have auto upload enabled. Some people don't know they should do that:


Then setup automatic uploads, if it is not already turned on:


You can also upload manually or copy to USB storage:


Comment Re:Lesson 1 (Score 1) 366

If understand correctly, you are both saying that since her "daddy" is rich

Him being rich isn't the problem.

you don't like her daddy

Him being a narcissistic self-aggrandizing asshole with no respect for facts is. And he's been that way since I first read articles about him in the 80's!

then anything she does is automatically invalid.

Nope, but considering all the things he's done as a father, husband, businessman and politician over the years, I believe that a honest empathic person would want to have nothing to do with him.

This is a man whose company engaged in racist housing practices.
Who lied about who actually wrote his book
Who filed bankruptcy to cheat employees.
Who failed at the casino business which is a license to print money.
Who claims to be a great businessman but keeps failing at it.
Whose first wife was a model born in 1949
Whose second wife, a print model, was born in 1963
Whose third wife was a model born in 1970
Cheated on Ivanka's mother when Ivanka was still a child.
Once said that if Ivanka was not related to him he'd want to sleep with her.
"Grabbing pussy"

But she continues to work with him. Heck if my father had done HALF the stuff The Donald had done I'd have never spoken to him again and insisted he stay far away from me.

But she doesn't. What does she do after college? Spoiled Celebutante/model got a cushy job handed to her by her father, who ever since she was young treated her more like a trophy herself.

And now? A Job in the West Wing? And after years of Righ Wing outrage at Hillary because Bill Clinton had her work on healthcare (which was something she had expertise in from her actual education and work), nobody is saying a thing?

In fact, she's acting more like a "First Lady" than the actual First Lady is. Why isn't Melania taking this course herself and/or with 11 year old Barron? Heck why isn't the President HIMSELF doing it. President Obama did.

Ivanka is essentially lending support to the cause that Slashdot is constantly harping on. But because you don't like her "daddy", fuck her. Do I have that right?

No, I'm not saying to fuck her. But SHE shouldn't be doing this as a "member" of the Trump administration SHE or her brothers shouldn't be anywhere NEAR the White House. But hey, she's a spoiled princess who does what daddy wants because daddy holds the ultimate purse strings and she doesn't want what happened to Ivana, Marla and Tiffany to happen to her.

I just wrote my code to make a joke about how this is Slashdot, where nerds write actual silly working programs to make jokes. Which was at "Spoiled Princess Ivanka's" expense.

Comment Re:What do you get with a TV-celeb as prez? (Score 1) 366

And it is prime cringe material.

Look, neophytes say cringey things BECAUSE they're neophytes and that is okay.

I cringed when people said things like "Atari tapes" or "Nintendo tapes", but....they were plastic things that held computer programs....just like actual tapes once did. Heck most of the people using those terms probably had seen some CoCo, C64 or Atari machine hooked up to a tape drive. They used terminology familiar to them, not the terminology we nerds do.

But they can learn, and if we openly cringe at the neophytes..well they may be less willing to learn.

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