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Submission + - WiiU Cracked for Wii Homebrew Already (

Croakyvoice writes: The Nintendo WiiU was only released yesterday in the USA and already Homebrewers can enjoy playing their games and emulators on the system. WiiU News has a video of the homebrew game Connect 4 working on the WiiU via the consoles Wii Mode and Comex's "Stack Smash" exploit. Recently released emulators that were released for the Wii and will also work using this method include emulators for systems such as Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo and Nes.

Submission + - PSVita Hacked - Usermode Homebrew Loader Coming Soon

Croakyvoice writes: Since the release of the PSVita the console has clearly stuttered with sales that are pretty dreadful especially in its homeland in japan, where the PSP was selling more until this week with the release of Hatsune Miku Project Diva F which has seen PSVita sales quadruple. For the rest of the planet sales are still slow thanks to a dull line up of games. This could change now as Yifan Lu the coder of the Kindle Hack and PSX Xperia has revealed that he is now working on a Native Loader for the PSVita, basically its an Userland Vita Loader for loading unsigned executables on your Vita in other words a Homebrew Loader for the PSVita. To calm Sony fears he claims it is physically impossible to run "backups" with the exploit. The exploit cannot decrypt or load retail games. At this time the exploit is unreleased, naturally he doesnt want Sony to plug it. Will Homebrew games and Emulators on the PSVita tempt any Slashdotters to buy the console ?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Have Nintendo & Microsoft Finally Killed Homebrew on their Con 1

Croakyvoice writes: A few years ago the Homebrew community went from one console to another releasing some excellent software, from the Days of the Dreamcast the first breakthrough homebrew console, to the PSP which gave us the first handheld Nintendo 64, GBA and PSX emulators on an handheld. The last few years we have seen Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and Apple all bring out means to thwart homebrew develepment. The app store on both Android and IOS has took many homebrew devs over to them to try and break the market. With the major consoles they have so many firmware updates these days that the days of Homebrew seem to be numbered, is there a way back for the Homebrew Community?

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