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Comment Re:One little problem (Score 1) 581

America is the only place in the world where it is legally permitted to criticize anyone and everyone.

See, for example: The creepy tyranny of Canada's hate speech laws

That reminds me of a joke from the Bush era.

American: "My country is free because we can stand in the middle of DC and call our leader an idiot".
Iraqi: "So what. I can stand in the middle of Baghdad and call your leader an idiot".

Comment Re:Now you're terminated (Score 1) 387

The alternative is to "trust" that the coworker standing behind you will catch when you fall backwards. At some places I worked at, stepping off a 12-story building is easier.

The problem is, if you're falling backwards off a 12 story building, the guy behind you is 12 stories down! I'm as trusting as the next guy, but that's taking it a little too far.

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