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Comment Re:Doubleplusgood! (Score 1) 394

have it immediately challenged in court,

Have it immediately challenged in court in two different jurisdictions, each under a different Court of Appeals, you mean?

And then get different results in the two Appeals Courts....

Sorry, the Donald isn't going to get Flag Burning criminalized. Not without eight years in office, plus a sea-change in the composition of ALL the Appellate Courts. Which will take longer than eight years, unless someone starts assassinating Appellate Court judges....

Comment Re:Unsurprised (Score 1) 403

Fascinating that you're in education...

instead are continuing to listen to people who do not know anything to tell the rest of us how enlightened they are.

Remove that word, and it's grammatical.

The only people who complain about such a system are the once more concerned about other people's kdis than they are about educating their own.

Ones. Not "once"...

Comment Re:Statistical anomaly? (Score 1) 105

On the other hand, the results of the previous studies they're comparing this new one to had the same issues.

So what's changed significantly in the past 16 years? Or, more likely, the couple of decades before the last 16 years?

Other than no leaded gas, lower pollution levels overall, warmer climate, I mean....

Comment Re:Is this Soviet Russia? (Score 1) 171

(* Actually, I don't understand how "as new" can be legal as a description -- much of the benefit of buying new is the warrantee period and related support.)

Some people don't care much about warranties, but would really like to be a "used" item that's going to work reasonably well. "as new" implies it'll work, but that the warranty doesn't apply.

Comment Re:If confirmed, does this make it realistic? (Score 1) 477

Consider the EM drive working as claimed, 1.2mN/kW. Now consider it travelling at 1000km/s. How much energy is going in (1kW), and how much is the kinetic energy increasing by at that point (force*velocity).

Relativity says things don't work that way. From the PoV of the vehicle moving at 1000km/s, IT is stationary, and YOU are moving at 1000km/s....

Comment Re:If confirmed, does this make it realistic? (Score 3, Insightful) 477

Black holes emitted radiation back in the 19th century. Did you know that?

Oddly enough, nothing in pre-20th century physics allowed for that to happen.

It is just barely possible we're about to begin a 21st Century revolution in physics comparable to the one(s) in the 20th Century (Relativity, QM).

Or not. But till you run the experiment (noone is stopping you, you know), your repeated "it doesn't work" comes across rather like a child putting his fingers in his ears and chanting "I can't hear you" over and over....

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