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Journal Journal: Microsoft gets ~$650M fines

Happy days! Oh boy o' boy!

Actually I doubt that the money is biggest concerns of MS atm. If they have ~50billion in their accounts taking 600milj. away doesn't change that situation much. The "defeat" will most likely be imago issue. With all the money they have it shouldn't be a problem to make people forget this with massive ad campains.

And what's with the IE? In my oppinion it's the same thing as WMP. Im forced to have it, I can't remove it, I can't use "auto-update" without it and even if I do "disable" (more like hide the icons) it still gets ran when I open XP help for example. It's all tied to IE, with different interface of course.

Anyhow I think the ruling was good and now Im looking forward to second episode of "Microsoft: how greed looses in the end".

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Journal Journal: Crappy connections

I have ADSL 1M/512 connection costs 45e/month. Expensive, I know. But I do download quite a bit. But what makes me angry is the quality. Line drops every now and then, and now when ISPs brought this new service called "Turbobutton" (makes your connection 8M/+2M for 24h, price 3e) I decided to test it. Everybody can test it for free for 30mins. Before I decided to test it, I knew that my line and box can't give 8M.

So, I ordered it and after 5-10min my connection went down for a while and then up again. I checked the speed from the ADSL box and it said 3M/784 which is quite nice considering that I live middle of nowhere. Ok so I started testing it with bittorrent and swedish sunet FTP server (downloading Slackware ISO). Well guess what. The speed was hardly 150KB, even tho ADSL box said 3M. Then the connection started to go down every 10m-15min.

Im amazed, after 18h of order I still have the extra speed. I still have the random disconnects, I see alot of bad formated packages going out.. The download speed was rather good this morning tho. From that Sunet FTP server I got 300KB/sec :)

Too bad it doesn't work that well for bittorrent.

What Im paying for? Apparently Im paying for unstable connection. The cables to here are OLD, I know that, but still... Oh well..

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Journal Journal: Civilservice, the bad choice

Yesterday I had pretty intensive chat about the topic, with my friends mom whom I have never seen before.
She asked some commong things about me such as where I live, am I in the same class as her son and so on. Well, I told that Im not currently in school.. Im in civilservice.. *boom*. First she was joking about that since Im doing my civilservice in university I can get girls with that, saying that Im in uni. and all. But then she started questioning my reasons, why Im not in military. I told her that my ethics and common sense are saying not to go there. I don't want to learn to kill, I don't want to support organisation that primary goal (after all) is to kill people. Sure, Finland isn't at "war" currently but no matter what you say, I think it's always about killing. Maybe some day it could be stunning people, but that's when we are in the era of StarTrek or something.

Anyhow, we talked about 15min why Im not in the military and how "bad" choice it is to be in civilservice. She said couple of times that she doesn't mean anything bad with her questions and now afterwards I feel a bit bad because I tried to defend my self. Not because I couldn't "defend" my self but because I went along and answered. I pitty people who can't accept oppinions that differs from their oppinions. That's the reason why we have wars. Iraq vs. USA for example, it is after all USA wanting someone else to control the country and maybe even about terrorist hunt. But if we (humans) would be civilized as we think, we could change things without killing.

Oh well, it's useless to write my reasons down here either. These matters are mostly oppinional and if the persons have made their mind it's unlikely they will change. Im not saying that it would be useless to talk, it's always good to talk, but the conversation should be "neutral". It shouldn't be accusing someone for hes/hers decisions, and common sense should be used. Maybe these are the reasons why I like StarTrek so much (ok, there's humans vs. rest of the galaxy). Finally there humans have "united" and changed the way they operate, it's not important to gather alot of money. It's important to drive humanity towards better wealth.

GPL! That's how I like to think things. Have freedom to make choices, freedom to change things and freedom to help others. Now, it's controlled by somebody other than me. Soon, it will be companies that control goverments. Kinda like in the US now ;)

Peace, Im out!

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Journal Journal: You are in debt!

Found a great site today. U.S. National Debt Clock shows the current debt of US. Huge debt it has. But so what? It's the "greatest nation in the world" right? They "do have" the "greatest army in the world" but I really think that having more nukes than anybody else isn't that great. Sure it's a "good" massdestruction weapon but where are you going to use it? If you detonate some it will pollute huge areas for years and it's lousy self-defense weapon also. Anyhow, that website proofs that US is not the greatest nation in the world. Atleast financially. Norway is one of those few countries in the world which doesn't have debt at all. Beat that..
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Journal Journal: Not living in the dream world

Once in a while I start to think reasons why I spend so much time with computers. Most of the time spent seems to be normal time killing, I do nothing productive. Oh, for the first time in ~years Im learning something totally new from the Inet. I found a guitar (aucustic) with leather case and all, from a public carbage bin few days ago. It's in perfect condition and all, it's from 1969. I guess the three metal strings are original.. I hope atleast hehe :) Anyhow, Im learning to play it now. I believe this is one of the best thing ever happend to me, hopefully some day I will be skilled enough to play songs to my family.
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Journal Journal: Read instructions

Ahm, just managed to loose good journal because not reading the instructions. READ THE DAMN INSTRUCTIONS! Oh well..

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