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Comment Re:Someone isn't thinking things through... (Score 1) 627

Irony: In order to escape wireless emissions, people move to a place where a bunch of massive radio telescopes stand next door as proof that wireless emissions are everywhere.

Correlation isn't causality: moving from a populated area to the middle of nowhere and having your symptoms "disappear" proves that wireless emissions were the root of the problem.

you mean "doesn't prove", right ?

Comment Re:MLK's Family Received 800k from the Memorial (Score 1) 366

The group building the memorial are PISSING on King's grave.
Harry E. Johnson Sr., president of the foundation, made $265,085 in 2008.

They built the "memorial" with uncompensated (read "slave") labour from China.


Get this straight. MLK was not a "fee-good, let's all respect each other" civil-rights version of Barney the dinosaur.

He was mobilising and uniting the underprivileged, black and white, in ways that were threatening to the war-mongering coproratist kleptocrats. They didn't kill him 'cos he wanted people to drink from the same fountain.

Now, they are killing him with artificial praise. It's like the moneylenders in the Temple, now selling "Jesus Slept Here" t-shirts.

Excuse me.. is this a racial slur or have I missed something? because this dribble got +5 points...

Submission + - Carmack is going to port rage mobile to android (twitter.com)

CreatorOfSmallTruths writes: John Carmack, creator of Doom, quake and now rage engines and part owner of id has just revealed in his twitter account that he is going to port Rage mobile to android:
"I’m going to regret having “ios” in all my type names when I port Rage Mobile to Android.".
While an avid proponent of iOS and apple's iPhone and iPod John is also a huge supported of the open source movement. I wonder how the apple vs android programming will turn out for him.

Comment Re:Experience is a Gift... (Score 1) 602

Anyone in the field who hasn't figured this out yet needs to be let go. Programming requires long nights staring blankly at mind-muddling objective languages. Experienced directors/designers have the foresight to be able to properly direct all that youthful energy to the most worthwhile pursuits, rather than just letting them wander aimlessly through some other other geek's code.

There's probably a good amount of truth to this.

Coding, to a large degree, is grunt work. No, this isn't universally true... But a lot of it is.

You want your more experienced people to be supervising the grunt coders - not wasting their time actually turning out line after line of code.

Its sad that you think that. Coding can be grunt work but the same piece of code can be art, it all depends on who does the coding.


Submission + - Bosch Builds Non-Hybrid Engine Stop-Start System (greencarreports.com)

thecarchik writes: Autonomous engine stop-start systems, designed to save fuel by turning off a car’s engine when at a standstill, are increasing in popularity, especially in Europe, where fuel prices are often double what they are here. In many cases, the addition of an engine stop-start system can net fuel savings in the range of 5-10 percent. The challenge for engineers was to make the start process faster and more dynamic, as the time for declutching, changing gear, and re-engaging the clutch done in manuals is not available in an automatic vehicle. Early last year, German transmission specialist ZF showed off a new eight-speed automatic designed with engine stop-start capability and soon after that Audi launched a version of its dual clutch equipped A3 hatcback overseas with an engine stop-start system. Now automotive parts supplier Bosch has developed its own engine stop-start system that can be used reliably in automatics.

Submission + - SpaceX Unveils Heavy-Lift Rocket Designs (aviationweek.com)

FleaPlus writes: At the recent Joint Propulsion Conference, SpaceX's rocket development facility director Tom Markusic unveiled conceptual plans for how its current Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 commercial rockets can be evolved into heavy-lift rockets, ranging from a Falcon X capable of lifting 38,000kg to orbit, up to a 140,000kg Falcon XX (more than either the Saturn V or the 75,000kg shuttle-derived rocket Congress currently plans on having NASA spend >$13B building). SpaceX presentations also discuss a new Merlin 2 heavy-lift engine, solar-electric cargo tugs, adapting their current engines for descent/ascent vehicles fueled by Mars-derived methane, and a desire for the government to take the lead on in-space nuclear thermal propulsion while commercial focuses on launchers. In a recent interview, SpaceX CEO/CTO Elon Musk expressed his goal of lowering the price of Mars transportation enough to enable early colonization in 20 years, and his own plans for retiring to Mars.

Submission + - Meyer Sound on Audio Development with Linux (mixonline.com)

pinkj writes: Rarely do you hear about audio development with Linux or audio developers joining the Linux Foundation. It was interesting to read this article on Meyer Sound's input in Mix Magazine on why they prefer using Linux to develop their audio software. They used Linux to develop "the D-Mitri digital audio platform and Galileo loudspeaker-management system":

"'I started using Linux in 1994, right after college,' says Perrin Meyer. 'At the time, Sun or HP Unix workstations cost about $100,000, and after I graduated, I no longer had access to Columbia’s computers. So [by] using my own computer with Linux, I was able to keep the same advanced programming environment I had in school.'"


Trailer For Blender Open Movie Sintel Ready 182

l_i_g_h_s_p_e_e_d writes "The trailer for Sintel is ready. (We discussed the beginnings of this project in 2007.) Sintel is a Blender Open Movie project created using only FLOSS software. 'For the entire creation pipeline in the studio, we will only use free/open source software. We have less than two months now to finish this completely. ... Imagine the tension that's building up here to get everything perfect. For today, we'll celebrate a big step forward.' Download here."

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