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Submission + - "Manhattan Project" for prosthetic arm

cortex writes: "The IEEE Spectrum has a nice story on DARPA's prosthetic limb project. From the article:

"Johns Hopkins researchers lead a nationwide effort to make a bionic arm that wires directly into the brain to let amputees regain motor control — and feeling".

In February, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) authorized the next phase of a four-year program to create prosthetic arms that can better emulate natural limbs. They will more closely match the real thing in appearance and function. And the user's ability to feel with them and control them will be vast improvements over anything currently available. The Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program is spread over 30 different organizations, including 10 universities across Canada, Europe, and the United States: the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, is working on signal processing and pattern recognition for natural arm control; the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City, is working on electrodes for brain implants. The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, in Laurel, Md., is "herding the cats," according to DARPA project manager Colonel Geoffrey Ling, ensuring that these far-flung research partners work together to make the bionic arm a near-term reality. Scientists involved say that this Manhattan Project-like system — on which DARPA has already spent US $30.4 million — is the only way to bring technology this advanced into the world by 2009."

Submission + - 50% growth in solar production in 2007 to 3.8 GW (

mdsolar writes: "Solar cell production experienced 50% growth worldwide producing 3.8 GW of cells in 2007. In the US, installation of solar power grew by 83% in 2007 over 2006 but the US fell to fifth place in solar cell production as Taiwan pulled into fourth place after Japan, China and Germany. The US holds a large lead in thin film solar production. Expanding polysilicon supplies are expected to bring the cost of solar panels to $2/Watt by 2010. The cost of production for thin film panels is expected to be below $1/Watt by 2010; competitive with coal power."

Submission + - Coral Reefs' Symbiotic Partner Uncovered (

conlaw writes: The ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies has announced that they have discovered an algae that feeds coral reefs by converting CO2 into carbohydrates upon which the coral feed. These algae, which they have named Symiodinium, are apparently unique. One of the researchers is quoted as saying:

These microscopic algae are quite weird and unlike any other lifeform. They have different photosynthetic machinery from all other light harvesting organisms. They have 100 times more DNA than we do and we have no idea why such a small organism needs so much. They really are like no other living creature we know.


Submission + - Student and professor build budget supercomputer (

Luke writes: This past winter Calvin College professor Joel Adams and then Calvin senior Tim Brom built Microwulf, a portable supercomputer with 26.25 gigaflops peak performance, cost less than $2,500 to construct, becoming the most cost-efficient supercomputer anywhere that Adams knows of. "It's small enough to check on an airplane or fit next to a desk," said Brom. Instead of a bunch of researchers having to share a single Beowulf cluster supercomputer, now each researcher can have their own. What would you do with a personal supercomputer?

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