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Comment Re:The present and not the 1950s (Score 1) 899

While you are talking about a time before your parents were born

My parents were born before the Balfour declaration, but thank you for answering my earlier question. There is indeed, no subject on this earth that you will not speak on in total and complete ignorance. From your statements in this thread alone the spew of anti-information that comes from you is beyond belief.

Your statement above that Israel started its wars to affect election outcomes is beyond belief and worthy of Alex Jones in it's insanity.

I have to ask are you paid to spout this stupidity or do you just have no self respect ?

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1, Insightful) 899

Oh god here we go again.
1. The U.S had treaties with the Indians and was indisputiably the aggressor
2. Israel was indisputably defending itself from aggression
Or did you think a sneak attack when 90+% of the country was participating in its most important holiday, was just a really clever ruse by the Jews ?

Here you go. Try to read this shit before putting foot in mouth.

Comment Re: What do you know the invisible hand acts (Score 0) 200

And I'd love to live in a world where conservatives didn't spend the last 8 years trying to repeal a successful law without a plan for what they want to do instead.

You need to define an interval now. The individual mandate just got executive ordered away. As for what's instead nothing is a completely acceptable answer.

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