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Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 1) 269

I doubt that the NSA or other agency wants to do actions against one of the higher ups. They are designed to follow their commands, not to spy on them. If they hack the politicians, their practices will just be questioned far more likely. Of course, if there is a judicial order, they will act against them, as they should, but not without one.

That's funny, when the NSA gained the ability to hack the entire U.S. they became the real power.

Comment Re:38,000 cubic meters of helium inside its hull (Score 1) 165

the real tragedy here is not the crash, but the fact that 38000 cubic meters of a very rare gas used for everything from advanced medical diagnostics to research into superconductors and even nuclear fusion is squandered into a single aircraft that cant be bothered to run through a computational fluid thermodynamics simulation before enjoying public humiliation.

im sure it sounds callous, but i hope this thing takes a life next time because clearly no ones thought through the ramifications of such a wasteful endeavour.

I am sure they were doing it to lower the carbon footprint of air travel and fight Global Warming,

Comment Re:You mean a ... (Score 2) 256

That says a lot about the state of US reporting, A lot of US hard news articles are UK newspaper based, and not reported much, if at all in the US.


There you go US Based and more computer/tech oriented.

Just a suspicion the Guardian was used because Pravda isn't what it used to be and the Russian State organs are now about Russian Nationalism not communism.

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