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Comment Re:Pot Outsource Kettle (Score 1) 483

Oh so you just decided to attack libertarians to be off topic

it's the thread topic. Please try to keep up instead of senselessly spamming every post with my name on it Pogo.

What's Happening As The University of California Tries To Outsource IT Jobs To India

I only fisk truly outlandish shit. Seems you managed to concentrate lots of bs in a thread

Comment The Desperation is strong here (Score -1, Troll) 435

How many times have I heard it's weather not climate applied to the U.S. Regional numbers ?

Anyway, It's kind of amazing that 100% of the reported warming in the U.S. comes from adjustments to the raw data

Whats more those adjustments perfectly correlate to the increase in CO2 levels

Oh my

Comment B.S. Detector failure (Score 1) 285

. All of these feature components that can take hundreds of years to biodegrade, and falling onto the ground in such great numbers means that finding and cleaning them up is no small task.

If you are on a training range and the rounds aren't overwhelmingly landing into a small well defined area, it's a far bigger problem than non biodegradable ammo.

Comment Re:No way security is as good (Score 2) 483

What it doesn't say is none of this

, IBM were not answering the calls at night so the spooks were called in to see if that site hired by the government was being hacked. The spooks found a bit of traffic from China (the system administrators at work on other virtual machines on the same host - discount plan remember) and a continuous stream of data going to the USA (performance logging). GeoIP blocking was put in place which locked the sysadmins out, the thing fell over completely under the load and the final consequence was the site being down for well over a week. Officials went on TV saying it was hacked by Chinese and US hackers but that was bullshit, they had just fucked up and didn't put a system in place that could cope with the load.

What it does say is the Signals directorate looked into it thought it was one thing, then said it was another.

So who is it you're out to smear here ? The signals directorate, IBM, or both ?

Comment Re:Pot Outsource Kettle (Score 0) 483

If you had read the post I replied to before posting you wouldn't have written something that sounds so idiotic.
What I wrote obviously had nothing at all to do with "a government run university paid for with tax dollars and guaranteed loans exporting jobs" but only to do with the post I replied to.

Oh so you just decided to attack libertarians to be off topic ?

Comment Re:Not by insults (Score 1) 483

So I was wrong about the wrestling,

the AC said Rumsfeld was better than all of us here academically.


Fuck - a United States where people who push shit like that are running the place. It makes Rumsfeld look like an intellectual in comparison.
Maybe it's time to start learning Mandarin..

Yeah he's the guy who brought Rumsfeld up and didn't know what he was talking about not you.

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