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Comment Having more stuff in space = more stuff to hit (Score 1) 129

This is really going full on glass half empty and it's wrong to single out communications. We are at the point where we are increasing our usage of space resources for all kinds of things. That means there's going to be more stuff up there from everything. It's a sign progress. Who knows the stuff might be able to be harvested and reused in orbit.

Comment Re: Make America Great (Score 1) 619

Corporations set the price of their products, not the other way around. Also, they could charge lower prices for their products if they weren't guaranteeing higher returns to shareholders year over year. At some point the whole public trading system is not sustainable.

Wut ? that system has outlasted the civilizations that spawned it.

Comment Re:Oh, this is going to be great (Score 1) 242

I am sorry that would be because rivers don't change course on their own.

This one is particularly good

Anyone who had read their Mark Twain was aware of the Mississippi doing this all the time.

Here's more

Most people who have at least the basic knowledge of Earth Science will tell you changing course is what rivers do.

Comment Re:Fact checking? (Score 3, Interesting) 112

I notice people who have a beef with Fox never mention specific incidents for some reason.

The people who don't like CNN, on the other hand, have specifics, whats more they have the reporters donating to and working for the candidates they cover.

But speaking of long term vendettas in the news, somehow those people who don't like Fox seem to forget Dan Rather as the head of CBS news, George Stephanopulous at ABC, or that entire joke of a network MSNBC

Comment The usual doom and gloom (Score 1) 620

At least this time it's post retirement and post death.
No real surprise seeing as short term predictions kept coming up wrong.

50 million climate refugees and entire countries gone by 2010 (UN)

West Side Highway under water by 2010 (James Hansen)

Comment Re:Doesn't Keep Up With ME (Score 1) 106

So Intels processors are being slowed down because of the spy chip? Citations needed by reputable sources like Wikipedia and Youtube.

There is only so much real estate on any die, what management engine takes, can't be used for things like cache which are well known performance enhancers.

This is something so trivial even non technical people should understand it intuitively, so are you just trolling or is it something else ?

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