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Submission + - Why Printers Get No Respect (

Crash McBang writes: Out of Ink, Out of Luck, Why Printers Get No Respect — Fussy and prone to paper jams, the printer has been trying tempers in offices and homes since the dot-matrix days when paper came in perforated accordion stacks. As other gadgets, from flat-screen monitors to wireless mice, have sprinted ahead toward gasp-inducing irresistibility, one electronic gadget has failed to thrill: the printer.

So, slashdotters, who gets more TLC in your corner of the world? The PC or the printer?

Submission + - Trouble Sleeping? Maybe it's your computer (

Crash McBang writes: Suspecting that light at night was keeping him from a good night's rest, J.D. Moyer decided recently to conduct a little experiment with artificial light and his sleep cycle.

The sleep-deprived Oakland, California, resident had read that strong light — whether it's beaming down from the sun or up from the screens of personal electronics — can reset a person's internal sleep clock.

So, for one month, whenever the sun set, he turned off all the gadgets and lights in his house — from the bulb hidden in his refrigerator to his laptop computer.

It worked. Instead of falling asleep at midnight, Moyer's head was hitting the pillow as early as 9 p.m. He felt so well-rested during the test, he said, that friends remarked on his unexpected morning perkiness.

So, what do Slashdotters do to get a good night's rest?

Submission + - Does Anxiety make you a better programmer? (

Crash McBang writes: In Understanding the Anxious Mind, it is proposed that an anxious temperament might serve a more exalted function: âoeOur culture has this illusion that anxiety is toxic,â Kagan said. But without inner-directed people who prefer solitude, where would we get the writers and artists and scientists and computer programmers who make society hum?

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