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Comment Why didn't you jus publish the photos? (Score 4, Interesting) 299

From you blog...

I'd just finished covering a trial at the local sheriff court when there was an altercation between people involved in the trial. I photographed the incident.

Why not just PUBLISH the photos?
It happened in the public court.
Publishing would give the police, and everyone else access to what happened that day.

As a reporter why would you take the photo's and then try and hide them? Did you maybe have an interest in protecting one of the parties involved?

Comment Re:Can we say... MODEM speed? (Score 1) 71

I have T-mobile and its 128K. They don't connect you at "2g" or anything they just throttle you after you hit your limit.
Forget about streaming video but regular web surfing is OK. Pandora and other streaming audio sites seem to work fine.

$20month for 2gig data and unlimited talk/text. No contract. No worries about overage costs.

Comment Over thinking it. (Score 1) 479

Just fail step one of their flowchart.

Unhook the thing so they cant ping it.

"Hey Tech support? When I plug in my router no lights come on. I know the outlet works because I plug a lamp in there and it works"

Can't really trouble shoot past that. Send a new one.

After they put the order in hook your router and airport back up and wait for the replacement.

Comment Make a new windows 7 (Score 5, Insightful) 236

You know what would make the most people happy?
Just make a new version of Windows7. Why would I want to re-learn how to do everything...again?

Going from Win95->Win98->Win2K->XP->Win7 was easy. People stuck with windows because they knew how to use it. Companies stuck with it because re-training was easy. It kept people from jumping ship to OSX/Linux/ChromeOS.

Going from Windows 7 to Linux Mint is easier then going from Windows 7 to 8.

Microsoft spent 20 years teaching people how to use their UI then just throws that all out for no reason at all.

Comment Most plans wont cover that much. (Score 1) 238

Can your retirement account cover that?

Most people's insurance plans can also not cover an 8 figure payout. People shop on premium cost alone.. Most have not much more then state minimums. When I was young and had no assets I only carried 40K of liability insurance. Connecticut state min is 20K.

At 20K even totaling out a mid-range compact car will max out that coverage. That's why we have "uninsured/under insured" coverage now. So when some 20 y/o driver with 25K of insurance totals my 60K car and puts me in the hospital my insurance picks up the difference.

If the 6 year old you speak of gets hit by the same driver he is just SOL. Past 25K he will have to sue the driver directly and hope he has some assets.

I do agree that putting your own retirement/home at risk just to save a few bucks a month is foolish. You could end up losing a lifetime of work for a driving mistake or something you have no control over (like your parked car catches fire in garage,burns down condo complex or hurts someone).

Comment Internet of Nope. (Score 1) 163

My "dumb" thermostat has a mechanical limit of 50-90F.
All the way down and the pipes wont freeze and all the way up and it will just burn tons of fuel.. not my house down.

What happens when this software internet facing thing crashes? Or gets hacked? If it locks up in the ON or OFF state that could be very costly.

Internet locks? OK so if the internet is down, I'm locked out?

Are these IoT hypers saying that its a GOOD idea to tie the basic operation of my house to comcast?

Comment CAPS (Score 1) 291

What good is 1G internet speeds if there is a data cap of 300G?

Fiber is great but if its controlled by the same ISPs that happen to also be media companies then its something I don't want any part of.
I have the option of super fast but capped DOCSIS3 here but I will stick with my cheap uncapped DSL. I don't want to have to think about how much a stream will cost or if this next .ISO download will cost me $10.

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