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Comment If the netbook is dead it's because of Asus (Score 1) 264

Perhaps they shouldn't be shoving bloated OSes, like Windows onto their netbooks and trying to turn netbooks into laptops. Replacing SSDs and Linux with HDs and Windows was just dumb.

Hopefully Google won't cock up their Chrome OS and we'll see some decent netbooks back on the market.

Comment Re:Password strength vs. how often you change it (Score 1) 499

Packet collisions wouldnt be an issue on a small test rollout. Its when there are a hundred such devices all chattering on the network where suddenly nearly all packets fail to arrive.

Packet collisions don't occur on modern networks, though. Were they actually running token ring (or pre-token ring), or was that just sarcasm?

Comment Re:Too Many To Remember (Score 1) 414

I basically do the same thing. I have 8 passwords at work, 7 of them change on different schedules and have different requirements, only my email password doesn't require changing.

So I have them all written down and stashed out of sight on my desk. My co-workers know where the note is in case something ever happens to me and they need the data on my computer.

I'm not worried about data theft because it's a laptop I take home with me every night. Our office has no walls so it's extremely unlikely someone would be able to steal the computer for the few minutes a day I spend walking to the break room to fill up my 1L water bottle.

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