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Comment Keep it simple. (Score 1) 203

You know back in the day this used to be a solved problem, using hardware cursor functionality. But today everything has at multiple layers of abstraction that is JIT compiled into some universal binaries running on an emulated machine in your browser framework that is sandboxes from your OS with nine circles of separation from your hardware . You know, all in the name of progress..

Comment Supply and demand. (Score 1) 374

This is going to self regulate. This generation of parents still has the belief that a college educations guarantees a job, so they push their children to get one. But as we have seen in recent articles, education no longer automatically translates to getting hired. So over time there will be less interest in spending large amount of money on 'worthless' education. The cost will have to match the gain.

Comment Limited connections, means just that. (Score 4, Interesting) 320

There are very real scenarios where you have truly limited connections where every byte counts. People working offshore on boats for example know what I am talking about. It's not uncommon that the entire ship crew have to share a single 512Kbit/sec satellite connection for their public internet (they also have dedicated channels for ship critical systems). A single unwanted download session could then make this unusable for everyone. Or even worse if you get a rouge win10 machine on the dedicated systems it could take down the critical parts also. It's sad when your OS is looking more and more like a piece of malware.

Comment I have both and.. (Score 5, Informative) 141

I have both the Rift and the Vive, and the Rift is collecting dust. Rift may have better ergonomics, but the Vive has a much higher 'just works out of the box' factor with better tracking and software. It is sadly also becoming a choice made on principle. The Rift was supposed to be the open system, but after the Facebook money they have turned into what is by far the most closed system of them all right now.

Comment Easy.. (Score 1) 153

Give me ebooks that are reasonably priced, and deliver them as media where I have the freedom to select how I digest them. Give me this and I will buy the books. Anything involving special apps, with limited device support or DRM restricted software is an instant fail, match the convenience of unrestricted PDF or at least the plain old paper book or I will see myself out the door.

Comment I am not a kid but.. (Score 1) 301

I can't remember the last time I even saw a commercial. All thanks to ad blockers and some wonder full and completely free download services for movies and tv series. Arrr, arrr! Consequently I am shocked how bad it is, every time I have to use a computer without ad blocking. Likewise visiting someone with a television on in the background. Why would anyone have this repetitive loud voiced torture device in their living room?

Comment Poisoning the well (Score 1) 168

The overly aggressive advertising strategies have been very successful at generating short term cash-flow, but also negativity again advertisement even in the general population. And now that more and people are opting out of ads, the companies are starting to backtrack. But I thinks it is a case of to little much to late, and that the well has already been poisoned. At least for me it has already resulted in a zero tolerance for ads.

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