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Comment Basic of course (Score 1) 629

When I grew up the C64 had Basic built into the CLI, so that was the obvious way to start experimenting. But when I later moved over to x86 architecture things started to get a bit messy. I had a short fling with QuickBasic, but quickly needed something more advanced and moved to TurboPascal for a while. Needing more speed I then overcompensated going full x86 asm, which was fun and very helpful for my later career in terms of experience and understanding the hardware. But not very productive, so C/C++ became the middle ground. And there I have stayed since.

Comment Failed logic (Score 1) 95

The domestication into dogs was the result of introducing wolfs into society from when they where puppies and active breeding. Just having wolfs living closer to humans won't domesticate them, just like birds and other animals that practically like on top of us aren't domesticated.

Comment Just silly. (Score 5, Insightful) 267

Comparing AR to web/mobile/backend is just silly. The people currently working on AR have to be highly skilled in some very specialized areas, basically inventing both the software and hardware technology as they go along. It's like comparing an actual rocket scientist to an car mechanic and wondering why the scientist has a higher salary.

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