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Submission + - App Store Busted... costing developers money! (

csddavies writes: "(We are on day 4 of the App Store being busted) The App Store is still stuck after 2 days. It looks ok from iTunes on PC and Mac. But from iPod Touch (and I assume iPhone) the sort by "release date" is all screwed up. Check this out: Crazy Eye was last released on Jan 12, 2009. Imv.karbon on Jan 23, 2009. Celebrity Gossip July 24, 2008! WTF Apple? Really... how hard is it to rdist things? Both updates I've done for Jiggle Balls have been affected by glitches in the system. As an indy developer I rely on the short visibility on the "release date" list to help get my app seen. I would expect that 90% of sales come from the App Store on the device and not iTunes on the PC or Mac. I'm holding off releasing anything else until it appears Apple has fixed things, but so far the system has been flaky since the beginning of March. All emails to Apple have gone unanswered. Crazy Eye... enjoy your time at the top. You'll probably wake up tomorrow with a boat load of sales and be going... what the hell?"

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