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Comment Re:Consumers do have a choice (Score 1) 169

You're ignoring many factors in reaching your idea that "people want Windows."

First, do people know they have choices? Many people don't know what linux is, thinking it's some type of application that operates a system of some kind. under windows, obviously, since they're a PC.

Second, windows machines are ubiquitous. I go into Best Buy, I see nothing but MS Windows or OS X machines. I choose the $300 one. What did I buy?

Third, most preinstalled linux machines are truly pathetic. If you buy a laptop with Linspire and a bad wifi driver... why would you not return it and get the not-broken/windows version?

There is no product that competes with Windows in the consumer market, except OS X.

Comment I am, but maybe not much longer... (Score 1) 263

I currently use SPF, and am thinking about dropping it. It causes me a massive pain in my ass every time some dumbass with a misconfigured forwarder doesn't understand SPF or SRS, and tries to blame me for the fact that they can't receive email from me. There just aren't enough large sites sending SPF-enabled mail for misconfigured receiving sites to realize they're doin' it wrong.

Comment How about an actual browser? (Score 1) 278

Opera Mobile claimed to be the fastest browser of them all, but all the masses got was a fast browser that locked up almost ALL of the time and was bogged down by incredible resource usage. I've been hearing about Firefox Mobile for years now; I'll believe it when I see it.

Plus, Safari is one of Apple's core tools! Does anyone think Mozilla can finagle their browser into Apple's app store? That'd be awesome if they pulled it off, but I see it as being quite unlikely.

Comment Re:Yawn. (Score 1) 278

nonsense about the holes, the outflow valve in a 727 is a square foot, in bigger jumbo jets several square feet. you can therefore lose three or more windows and the plane could *still* maintain cabin pressure. humans can and have survived 30K feet, but most will black out without following the instructions about the safety masks.

Comment Re:Actual Largest Photo (Score 1) 139

Doesn't using a building as a camera pretty much limit your choice of subject material? There just might be a reason why portable cameras were invented! (Unless, of course, you can get a large number of people to pose in front of the building.

I remember as a child, the sun shining through a hole in the garage door onto the freezer door created a camera obscura, although it really only displayed a silhoette of the trees. And of course, the image was upside down.

Comment Re:Missing the point? (Score 1) 504

is like ordering escargot in a French restaurant and smothering them in ketchup.

After which the chef comes out of the kitchen to yell at you, so you pay your bill and leave, but you payed using the fake french money you got from the shady guy in front of the American Express office and you get arrested by the French police but no one at the police station speaks french and you have to get Ricky to translate from Lucy's english to Spanish so the drunk guy can translate Ricky's Spanish into German so the police officer can translate German into French for the police captain...

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