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Comment Re:I'm so tired of this! (Score 1) 1033

I am glad to hear someone articulate this. A lot of the problem, is that most people get the idea in their head that there is no contrary evidence, that there are no facts to weigh. But, for right or wrong, there is plenty of contrary evidence. It is not nearly so clear cut as people like to simplify it. Simple problems are easy, but this is not one of them. And a reliance on models! Hilarious. Anyone who has worked with a model knows that there is not the least guarantee that they are accurate. And the more complex the system, the more uncertain modeling is. A model is only good IF AND ONLY IF it gives accurate results. Frankly, climate models have a ways to go. When I worked at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, our solar physics group objected to an AGU (American Geophysical Union) statement whole-heartedly supporting anthropomorphic warming. The problem, we see a lot of correlation of climate and solar activity. But nobody wants to talk about that. Partly it is because we don't understand those dynamics like we wish we did, and that is understandable. But to gloss over the issue because you don't want to acknowledge it is not scientific. We need to stop uncritically believing everything the missionary/ Media (including Gore) tell us on the subject. Don't condemn me for not believing your authorities, until you have studied both sides as well.

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