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Comment Cough up some $$$ or deal with it. (Score 2) 106

Remember, when you're using a "free" service, you're the product, not the customer, so don't complain when the company sells its product(users, or at least their eyes and ears) to its customers.
It's not exactly hard to find deals and discounts for Spotify Premium either. Six months free, $99 for the first year, etc. I think they also offer a student rate of $4.99 per month or something.
I love Spotify. Even the full $10 per month is worth it to get the full spectrum of music and avoid any annoying ads.

Comment Girl Shy (Score 2) 302

That's a silent film (1924) by Harold Lloyd. Funny as hell and a fantastic 20 minute chase scene at the end of the movie that still holds my attention especially when you consider he's doing his own stunts and it is as real as it can be 92 years ago.

Why? Because you know damn well it isn't CGI. You don't even notice it is a silent movie. It's available on Youtube. If you don't want to watch the whole thing starting at 56:00.

Lloyd has to stop his girl from marrying the villain so he's trying to get to the ceremony to stop it.

Comment The Governmafia (Score 1) 174

Cripes, when the Italian mafia, Irish mob, et al. were running extortion rackets, they'd at least leave you the hell alone if you paid up the extortion fees. The criminal cartel in Washington DC shakes you down for a huge chunk of your earnings under threat of violence and STILL wants to make your life miserable.

I've been regularly calling, e-mailing and sending snail mail to my reps and Senators for the past friggin MONTH trying to stop those scumbags from undermining my Right to firearms ownership. Now I've got to double down and try to impede this BS?
Oh well, guess I can stuff 2 letters in each envelope. The staffers will probably think it's suspicious when I call them twice in a row about two different issues, but I'm sure I'm in some secret database anyway.

Comment Entire Federal Government Exempt From all Laws (Score 1) 188


Whether it is ATF agents smuggling weapons to Mexican drug cartels, OTS employees helping banks back-date deposits to cover up insolvency, James Clapper lying before Congress, Lois Lerner destroying evidence pursuant to a Congressional investigation, etc. government employees operate beyond the rule of law.

Comment Re:Is this a big surprise? (Score 1) 622

"Certain goods haven't gotten more expensive, it's that other goods have slowly gotten cheaper."

The goods and services that have gotten ridiculously more expensive are medical services, higher education and housing. What's the common factor in all of these markets? Massive government programs, loans, subsidies, etc. Government intervention has caused prices to skyrocket while quality stagnates.

Are there any non-government markets where the consumer has faced such a rapidly declining value proposition?

Comment Re:This is a stupid argument (Score 1) 451

It's a very interesting question.
The majority of people have a hard time making those coldly logical decisions, especially in the heat of the moment. There are some interesting psychological studies on these thought processes. When you ask "Is it worth sacrificing one life to save four?", large majorities answer "yes". However, when you ask "Would you be willing to kill one person to save four?" the delay in response increases and the percentage of "yes" answers drops. And that's when people have time to think about it! Most humans would instinctively swerve to avoid a pedestrian that suddenly ran out into the road, even if it meant running the car carrying 3 passengers into a tree or ditch. Of course the cases they consider for modeling purposes are going to be hypothetical and somewhat contrived. So what? That doesn't mean they can or should be ignored. Consumers are very adept at putting software and products into situations the designers forgot to model. I'm sure they're also considering risks of injuries as opposed to body counts. You hitting a tree at 25mph in a car with an airbag is probably better than running down a kid with momentarily distracted parents.
You're making the ridiculous assumption that any dangerous situation is the result of idiocy. What happens if a person with epilepsy wanders into the road? Are you going to clean them out of the gene pool as well? What if their seizures are not genetic?

Comment Re:This was a states' rights vote (Score 1) 1592

Why is "liberal" and "conservative" relevant? Do you really see see gay marriage and abortion as important indicators for assessing the power of central government? I don't. I think more about budgets and power grabs like The Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, NDAA 2012 and warrantless surveillance.

The government has steadily increased its size and power regardless of who happens to be in charge. It has grown relentlessly in both absolute terms and relative to GDP. The policies of perpetual global militarism, corporate bailouts, handouts and subsidies and destruction of civil liberties have enjoyed consistent bipartisan support. You could argue that "conservative" politicians are the bigger hypocrites, but what does it matter? Both parties have pursued an agenda which has led to the accumulation of wealth and power in Washington DC at the expense of the states and the people. Corruption is the inevitable result.

I'm willing to cut the size of the federal government by 2/3. Force the politicians to make the hard decisions on federal spending priorities and leave everything else up to the state and local governments.

Comment Re:YES (Score 1) 1144

"...he could have been flagged as a person that should not be able legally to purchase weapons or ammo."

On what basis? Your list contains nothing but vague suspicion and hearsay. He'd never been convicted of a crime, never been adjudicated mentally defective and was not subject to a restraining order. How would you propose to restrict his access to firearms if not through a court decision? Do you think government employees should be able to arbitrarily add names to a list of people who can't own guns?

"We have a national registry for firearms we just don't use it correctly"

Not sure what you mean by that? The government does not (so they claim) have a registry of firearms or owners. They do have a registry of "prohibited persons" which is queried when a firearms dealer sells a weapon. They can't just add people to that list on a whim however. Most of the things that will get you on the list require a formal legal proceeding.

Comment Re:only voting can prevent shootings. (Score 1) 1144

What does it mean for gun control to "work"?

When presenting data from foreign countries, anti-gun people talk ONLY about firearms-related crime. Sweeping gun control measures would indeed reduce that one particular type of crime. What about all other violent crime however? What about property crime?
Focusing only on crimes committed with guns is a ridiculous metric because it ignores the well-documented deterrent effect of private firearms ownership. If gun control means fewer shooting victims, but more violent assault, home invasions, carjackings and rapes because people are defenseless against criminals is your gun control "working"?

Comment Re:Yet we can't build houses... (Score 1) 152

To understand what has gone "wrong" with the economy, please read the following:

The Rich and the Super-Rich, by Ferdinand Lundberg
The Rockefeller Syndrome, by Ferdinand Lundberg
Treasure Islands, by Nicholas Shaxson
The Web of Debt, by Ellen Brown
Killing the Host, by Michael Hudson
The Bubble and Beyond, by Michael Hudson
Open Secret, by Erin Arvidlund
Sold Out, by Michelle Malkin
Outsourcing America, by Ron Hira
Disrupted, by Dan Lyons

Comment Re:Yet we can't build houses... (Score 1) 152

These aren't new technology breakthroughs, flying cars have been around for awhile, and there's nothing particularly radical about Uber, AirBnB, nor TaskRabbit, LawTrades or HouseCall, they are simply using apps to get around regulated industries and taxes --- a scam, which was why France jailed some top Uber executives, etc.

Virtually all the real progress extends from the NASA Moon project, instituted by the Kennedy Administration, as was the Internet, which allows for the Web to exist today. No administration since then, en thrall to the banksters, has been about progress --- more anti-progress, but pro-kleptoPlutocarcy!

Comment Re: and we should care? (Score 2) 477

We have several alternative political parties. The Libertarian and Green parties are the most prominent, but we also have a Constitution Party, Justice Party and even a Socialist party.

Year after year polls have shown that at least 2/3 of people in the USA want more viable parties, but every two years, most of those same people refuse to vote for the alternatives they're given.

Of course when you have a two-party political duopoly, the two parties will do everything possible to prevent the rise of alternatives. Why would they ever reform the voting system so that we have IRV, "approval voting" or proportional representation? Ballot access is also made very difficult in most states and no other parties are allowed to participate in debates.

Voting for Democrats or Republicans is a wasted vote. Given that those parties have chosen to nominate the worst candidates imaginable in this election, I'm *hoping* that we see a strong showing for the alternatives. If the Libertarians can get 2-3% of the vote, I'll be happy. If the Greens could do the same(Come on Sanders supporters!), it would be fantastic.

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