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Comment Girl Shy (Score 2) 302

That's a silent film (1924) by Harold Lloyd. Funny as hell and a fantastic 20 minute chase scene at the end of the movie that still holds my attention especially when you consider he's doing his own stunts and it is as real as it can be 92 years ago.

Why? Because you know damn well it isn't CGI. You don't even notice it is a silent movie. It's available on Youtube. If you don't want to watch the whole thing starting at 56:00.

Lloyd has to stop his girl from marrying the villain so he's trying to get to the ceremony to stop it.

Comment "To Its Knees" is right... (Score 4, Insightful) 740

As A Vermonter I love to see these stories. VT is increasingly a playground for the rich and those subsumed with WLG* to support the cause du jour.

Hate fracking? Vermont BANNED it in a very public legislative effort. (Even though Vermont will never have fracking due to geologic conditions in the state.) But of course the Illuminati who run the state strongly support a new, natural gas pipeline that will transport fracked NG to the most "sustainable" of towns.

Hate litter? We are all becoming professional garbage managers due to legislatively micro-managed trash laws. (Meanwhile, Keurig/Green Mountain Coffee STILL dumps millions of plastic, unrecyclable single-use K-cups into the environment.

The local "food co-op" broadcasts BUY LOCAL then sells grossly overpriced Yuppie-chow imported from California.

I can go on but you get the point. Do as I say - not as I do.

*White Liberal Guilt

Comment BFD (Score 2) 138

"In a time of fascist politicians spouting simplistic slogans about race, religion, terrorism, and censorship, along with whatever other pandering platitudes they believe will win them votes, prestige, power, and control..."

Which is to say *all* politicians.

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