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Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 188

Yeah, except the part where they also had to remove compatibility with Warcraft II's files to avoid getting sued. That's how the whole freaking project *started*, btw, as a way to play an improved version of Warcraft II. Somebody does that to ID's games and they give it their kudos. Somebody does that to Valve's games and they freaking advertise it on their website. Somebody does that to *Blizzard*, however, and here comes the lawyers.

You make such biased political comparisons. At least say what Valve game and what id (not ID) game you are talking about.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 2, Insightful) 188

I'm assuming the $180 is implying that Starcraft II is going to be released in 3 iterations each priced at $60. You're most likely wrong. The devs said that the 2nd and 3rd campaigns will be more like expansions packs, and will be priced accordingly. Besides it's not like you're forced to buy all three games.

What makes you think you will be constantly pestered to buy maps? Wouldn't you want to see what kind of cool mods/maps the community made without having to jump through hoops to search them? You post is devoid of logic and common sense.

Comment Re:Are nerds not aware (Score 5, Insightful) 844

Why is your company hiring people that only know interpreted languages when your company mainly uses "real" languages? That's very strange to me. I also find it odd (and funny) that you that you blame programming languages for your co-workers incompetence, then in the next sentence complain about how your coworkers blame a programming language for their incompetence.

As C++ programmer with 10 years of experience, and about 5 years of C# experience, I can tell you that C#, Java, etc. can be very useful tools for the right type of software. People who know these languages can be very valuable for the right company.

To be honest, if I were a manager I would not hire someone who is so narrow-minded about programing languages. Computer Science is not a static field. Don't expect them to teach the same things they taught 20 years go.

Comment Re:Something wrong with the sales model? (Score 1) 496

Didn't MW2 break sales records at that price point? Also, this price point isn't any more expensive than price points of the past after inflation is factored in.

The article discussed how the consoles are losing profits, not the game developers themselves. I think adjusting the price of all games is a very simplistic answer to a very complicated problem. As an indie game developer, I have had seen peers actually sell less units by reducing their price. Sometimes reducing the price also reduces the perceived value, and that is definitely not going to help game companies mitigate losses.

Comment Re:Entitlement psychology (Score 2) 221

I bet the same people who want to get all the content for free, are the same people who whine about prescription drug prices. "Why charge me $20 for a pill that costs $0.0002 to make?". They don't care how much money and effort went into making the product, or about all the people who have mortgages to pay and children to feed who worked on it... they just want everything to be delivered to them for FREE, because they're the only people in the world who matter.

People aren't whining about prescription drug prices because of the difference between the price and the cost to make. They are whining because drug companies are making exorbitant amount of money, most of which is ending up in the pocket's of CEO's. Unless the CEO has like 2 billion mouths to feed and has a mortgage on an entire Caribbean island, I'm pretty sure these whiny people are justified.

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