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Comment Re:If clicking the OK box makes the error go away. (Score 0) 951

This is what annoys me most about modeling hardware in VHDL, verilog, etc. versus programming software.

With software, the goal is to fix any warning messages (even with -Wall), to the point that many programming standards require -Werror as well. The warnings are generally important to follow and are generally heeded.

With hardware, synthesizing a design produces hundreds of warnings even with simple designs -- many of which warn about common, intended behavior. Maybe I just used crappy tools? Either way, the warnings were ignored simply because they didn't seem to be important.

The lesson: don't overload the user with warnings, but use them selectively and usefully.

Comment Re:Free software and owned infrastructure (Score 1) 283

If the market determines that there is significant value in reading closed format autocad files (if such things exist outside of liberal academia) then all it would take is someone with enough motivation and willpower (i.e. not a welfare queen) to form a corporation which can perform that function while providing value to its shareholders. Same for the other scenarios you mention.

The beauty of free market capitalism is that not only are these services guaranteed to arise, they will be the most efficient as inferior attempts are driven out of the market.

Any other way of conceptualizing commerce is immoral and anti-individual at best, and at worst a heinous insult to the good wealthy people in society who provide jobs and money to the rest of us.

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