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Comment Re:Linux client? Please? (Score 1) 95

Then you move the problem remotely. It would still be more efficient to run a native client over a VPN. Now you are doing a RDP session over a slow VPN in which you are doing another remote session in vSphere. They have clients for Mac OS X. Why do they leave out Linux? Or any other *nix variant for that matter? If they have any love for the community, they would port their client over, or give us very detailed protocol specs (or an API, for that matter), so we can write our own client.

Comment Ubuntu! (Score 1) 622

Like others said, just go for Ubuntu. Easy to find, easy to install, and with WUBI easy to roll back from if the Ubuntu experience didn't convince her. If your mom doesn't like Unity, you can use the default gnome desktop (not gnome-shell) that it still ships with, or just avoid the issue alltogether and go for the other *buntu flavours. And yes, I hear good things about Mint too, because of the whole community driven software center they have had even before Ubuntu had it.
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Journal Journal: TSR's Letters to some anonymous FTP Sites

This is one of the letters TSR sent to anonymous FTP sites in 1994 to force them to remove AD&D related material. It wasn't only meant to remove copyrighted material. Anything bearing an AD&D term such as "THAC0" or "Greyhawk" was infringing, according to the letter, and was meant to be removed. Some people in the AD&D-L mailing list asked TSR which terms were infringing and the response they got was to hire a lawyer.

Submission + - Optical illusion of downed aircraft (

dippityfisch writes: The top of a building caused an alert and search in Darwin airport (Australia) as poor weather and conditions caused an optical illusion that looked remarkably like a light aircraft crash.

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