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Comment Re:Where is your license mentioned? (Score 1) 240

It has been a while since I researched the GPL version 2, but this is my understanding on your requirements to distribute the source:
You either have to include the source with the binary, or give it to anyone who requests it. If you don't include the source then you have to give it to absolutely anyone who requests it. If you do include the source with the binary then you are under no further obligation.


Electrowetting Promises Power-Sipping, Daylight Readable Color Displays 63

Dutch researchers are working on a new application of an old technology that could mean bright color displays that draw much less power than conventional LCDs, according to the BBC. In this application, an instance of a technique known as electrowetting, droplets of colored oil in suspension are the basis for the display's colors; each pixel's color is determined by moving the colored oils with electrical current. A prototype reader from Dutch firm Liquivista is shown in the accompanying video; color magazines with 50-60hz refresh time using this display technology are at least a few years out, though. Significantly, these screens are daylight readable, which makes me wonder how they compare to Pixel-Qi style screens in power draw, brightness, and maximum density.

Comment Re:Wow, (Score 1) 1079

Americans aren't doing shit about it and haven't had the balls to protest much of anything since the Viet Nam war.

They are stupid, frequently religious (essentially the same thing) fools who want to be entertained.
Americans are, except for a tiny few, as bad or worse than the stereotype. (None of this means foreigners are any better, BTW.)

Both Democrats and Republicans are at least as awful as they describe each other.
Too bad Flight 93 didn't slam into Congress, fuck 'em all.

The last two major organizations that fight for freedom are the NRA and the ACLU, though they only like specific, different bits of the Constitution and hate each other.

Comment Re:From the mouths of babes (Score 1) 189

I hate to break this to you, but part of being a child is that they're not mature enough to understand the consequences of ANYTHING. Of course, this diminishes with age and exeperience. Why you're creating an artifical wall between sex and violence is not clear to me, because when talking about how much a child understands consequences, there's no difference.

Comment Re:welleee (Score 1) 888

...or alternatively just don't sweat about not getting jobs where the employers are a bunch of cockends when there are plenty of good employers out there if you're a smart hard working guy. Even in the recession with high unemployment I've not met any competent people out of work for more than a few months when made redundant, the long term unemployed are generally the incompetent and/or lazy.

Sorry, was that too pragmatic ;) ?

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