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Comment Re:Have they added curly braces yet? (Score 1) 187

I kind of thought so too, until I tried it. Now I like it. It forces you do to do something you should be doing to make the code readable, and it's something I always do anyway. It's not brain-dead, it's just different. You might not prefer it, and if not, I think that's understandable, but it's definitely not a bad idea.

Comment Re:Have they added curly braces yet? (Score 2) 187

Python will immediately complain about mixing tabs and space. Other languages won't, but your code just became unreadable. I know all about that because my coworkers do it constantly. I realized tabs were a bad idea 25 years, and the company I work at now is the only place I've ever worked that uses tabs, and it's been nothing but trouble, but no one wants to change anything.

Comment Re: Have they added curly braces yet? (Score 1) 187

If you just assume that the US Government, from the highest levels on down, is absolutely determined to fragment and destroy American culture while running its economy into the ground, then the behavior of its agencies suddenly makes a lot of sense. In fact it becomes predictable.

This has been demonstrably true for the last 8 years. Come back in a few more to see if it continues.

Comment Re:Kind of consistent, isn't it? (Score 1) 210

I've seen more weird bugs on Windows 10 than any version of Windows in a long time, and the "flat UI" look is stupid and ugly. Some pajama boy threw out all the major R&D and UI advances that Microsoft was at the forefront of in the 80s and 90s just so he could foist his minimalist aesthetic in a place where it does absolutely no good. I know I'm personifying what is surely many, many people, but the effect is the same... throwing out 30 years of hard-won UX knowhow to turn the desktop into someone's vanity art project.

Comment Re:shiny? (Score 1) 210

On another /. topic, I've said that if Windows was Indiana Jones, then Win7 would star Harrison Ford, and Win10 would star Lego actors.

From what I've heard the Lego movies are pretty entertaining, and I know the games are, if Windows was Indiana Jones, Windows 10 would nuke the fridge and have a third act that looks like watching someone else playing a video game.

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