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Comment Re:I'd be sympathetic to Rotten Tomatoes but... (Score 1) 407

even an hour-long special about the eighties with a grossly-disproportionate segment right at the end about Ray Parker Jr. and the original *Ghostbusters Theme* ...which is about 3 times the amount of time spent actually writing the original "Ghostbusters" theme, as recounted by Ray Parker, Jr.

Comment Re:Nine things that iDon't (Score 0) 87

By the way, love the signature. I get that feeling often.

I am about as conservative as they come, but since I also try to apply Christian principles to my thinking, I get accused of being a liberal on occasion. One of the most amusing was when I criticized the repulsive treatment Rush Limbaugh gave Sandra Fluke. Don't get me wrong. I think she's an idiot, but Limbaugh was sickening about it. I guess holding all people to the same standard isn't common among people any kind of politics.

But more often, I get people automatically attributing bad stereotypical beliefs to me that simply don't apply. It would be nice to be judged based on your actual words and actions than the knee-jerk pigeonholing that almost everyone does. People who do argue with me seldom actually respond to what I say, but respond to the evil, racist, ignorant, redneck, stereotype strawman so beloved by the Left. It's really pathetic.

Comment Re:visual studio (Score 1) 359

It's unfair to blame the user without knowing more detail. The only thing you can say for sure is that you and the people you know didn't have any problems.

I installed VS2015 Community with little problem, but the compiler crashed on a lot of the code I was trying to build, code that was old, but built and worked fine with an older version of VS. I was only using Community until I received the license for Professional, at which point all the compiler crashes went away. Although their dev tools tend to be pretty good, Microsoft doesn't exactly have a good track record with stability, and I have a lot of doubt that whatever the GP was experiencing was necessarily due to user error.

Comment Re:visual studio (Score 1) 359

I've had some issues with VS2015, but nothing like what you've experienced. Have you tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling? I had to do that a couple times.

I also have not heard that their compiler is antiquated. It seems to pretty up-to-date on the implementation of standards. I do recall that MS had the first compiler to be fully C++03 compliant, although, they've been more behind the curve with the newer standards. Now, the internal code might be antiquated, but it seems pretty solid to me as a user.

And trust me, I am no fan of Microsoft.

Comment Re:I Miss Real Keyboards (Score 1) 166

Yeah, the only problem I have is when I sit down at a laptop with a smaller keyboard and find myself weirdly unable to type. I never learned "real" touch-typing, but I can do it... as long as I'm not thinking about it too hard... it's a muscle memory thing. I have an old IBM M clone keyboard at home, which I love, but I haven't used it much in years, and with modern laptop keyboards, I really don't miss it. Whatever they've done with these chiclet-ish keys, they're really nice to use. The only problem I have with modern laptops is the touch pad; my hands are big and I have to keep the touchpad off because I hit it too often with the heel of my hand.

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