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Submission + - An Aerial Laser Display Capable of Projecting 3D Objects in Mid-Air (

Colourspace writes: Japanese company Arial Burton, Inc. have developed a screenless display designed to be highly mobile for fast and flexible deployment in emergency situations. The system is small enough to be automobile mounted, and in the video link, director Akira Asano explains how how laser pulses explore a phenomena called 'Plasma Emission' to create photons in 3D space.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Gizmondo rises from the ahses in 2008

Colourspace writes: "Over at Game|life it seems we have not seen the last of the travesty that was the Gizmondo device From the blog: "A new website promises that portable gaming system Gizmondo will be "rising again in 2008," whether we want it to or not. There's not much to see at Gizmondo Live, except for a very brief intro video that throws around phrases like "The Legend is Reborn," "Open Source Environment," and "Gizmondo Live Marketplace," which sure sounds awfully familiar. " Additionally, it seems Bo Stefan Eriksson the original exec of the ill-fated product has been released from jail. Lock up your Ferrari's!"

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