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Submission + - An Aerial Laser Display Capable of Projecting 3D Objects in Mid-Air (

Colourspace writes: Japanese company Arial Burton, Inc. have developed a screenless display designed to be highly mobile for fast and flexible deployment in emergency situations. The system is small enough to be automobile mounted, and in the video link, director Akira Asano explains how how laser pulses explore a phenomena called 'Plasma Emission' to create photons in 3D space.

Comment Scum (Score 4, Insightful) 253

Recruiters (in general, I have known a couple of good ones) are in my opinion the absolute scum of the earth, complete parasites. They rarely have a clue what they are talking about in terms of tech skills, and will try and shoehorn you into any job as long as they get their commission. Just a useless middleman.

Comment Botox (Score 3, Interesting) 88

I played PLENTY of Tetris over the years and it did nothing for my lazy eye (right eye went inwards as child -> corrective surgery -> now goes out). What has worked is a 6 monthly botox injection (free, thank you NHS) into the appropriate eye muscle at Moorfields eye hospital in London. I could still elect for corrective surgery but they try you out with Botox first to see if you are likely to develop double vision, in which case the surgery would then have to be reversed. I understand the treatment was started in the UK by a Moorfields eye doctor some 30 years ago when he smuggled some botox back from San Franscisco..? To be honest I'm surprised more people don't know about this treatment - Russell Howard (UK comedian) bitches about his lazy eye all the time - get yourself down to Moorfields and have a student doctor poke a needle in your eye muscle and stir it round for two minutes.. Lovely stuff! Captcha: Unseen

Comment In a previous life.. (Score 1) 128

I was instructed to write a white paper on the merits of MPEG vs JPEG video encoding for a specific hardware based application by my PHB who had been chief in architecting the new product we were about to go to market with (I had only joined a few weeks previously). Unfortunately for him the sorts of tests that needed to be carried out to compare ourselves to established systems basically meant we could only show MPEG beat out JPEG with that particular application. Our system was JPEG based so the WP mysteriously got forgotten by him swiftly after.

Comment I don't think anyone knows what 'measured' means. (Score 4, Insightful) 111

This is exactly what we wanted - a common sense approach to Twitter messages. Though I am not a twitterer myself, the fact a guy can have his life ruined by posting a joke tweet is exactly what this is about, NOT being knee-jerk, as they have been in the past. In other words his is a *good thing*. 'Measured' in this context means to apply more common sense to these situations.

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