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Submission + - Pushing back against licensing and the permission culture (

kthreadd writes: Luis Villa has an interesting discussion on the topic of not licensing at all, what he calls POSS or Post Open Source Software. With a flood of new hackers flocking to places like GitHub which doesn't impose any particular requirements for hosted projects, the future of Open Source may very well be diminishing. Skip licensing, just commit to GitHub. What legal ramifications will this have on the free and open source community going forward?

Submission + - MIT Researchs Ampilfy Invisible Detail in Video ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: MIT researchers have invented an algorithm which is able to amplify motion in video that is invisible to the naked eye — such as the motion of blood pulsing through a person's face, or the breathing of an infant. The algorithm — which was invented almost by accident — could find applications in safety, medicine, surveillance, and other areas.

Submission + - Why WikiLeaks' Fundraising Deceives Supporters (

Stoobalou writes: Thinq has an interesting piece on WikiLeaks fund-raising and how it seems that cash intended to support the whistle-blowing site's day-to-day operation is being quietly diverted to support founder Julian Assange's legal battle against rape allegations.
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Submission + - Expansion of Fair Use is Key to Copyright Reform

Hugh Pickens writes: "Gigi Sohn, President of Public Knowledge, presented a six-step program for reforming outdated US copyright laws in a speech at the New Media conference at Boston University expressing no patience with the "disconnect between the law and the technology" of media production and distribution. Sohn puts Fair Use at the top of the list for changes that will help return balance to copyright laws that have limited innovation, scholarship, creativity and free speech. In addition to the four-part legal test for fair use currently on the books, Sohn recommends that Congress add incidental, transformative and non-commercial personal uses to the list of fair uses enumerated in copyright law and expressly provide that making a digital copy for the purpose of indexing searches is not an infringement. In additional to Fair Use reform, Sohn advocates protecting a manufacturer of a technology from liability for the infringing activity of others if the technology has substantial non-infringing uses, punishing a copyright holder who "knowingly or recklessly" sends out false takedown notices, promoting fair and accessible licensing of copyrighted works, limiting damages for the use of orphan works, and requiring copyright holders to provide notice of any limitations on users' ability to make fair or lawful uses of their products."

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