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Submission + - 40 Years of Tech Ads' Finest: '80 Mbytes of storage for under $12k!' (

CWmike writes: "After looking over four decades of Computerworld in print given the publication's 40th anniversary, we found some smokin' deals — and some really funny stuff: Guess which 80MB disk system costs less than $12k — and even better, 300MB for under $20k! What the heck is electronic mail? That's the question posed in this Honeywell ad, which explains: 'Simply put, it means high-speed information transportation.' What year do you think an advertisement would be using a model in hot pants? Headline hints: 'Univac 9700 Offers Compatibility, Price'; 'Technology Makes Move Out of Core City Feasible.'"

Submission + - Gov official complains to too high quality work (

snsh writes: When a computer scientist in North Carolina petitioned the state for a new traffic signal in his neighborhood, a transportation official replied with a complaint about what "appears to be engineering-level work" done by someone who is not licensed as a professional engineer.

Submission + - SCO Threatens to Sue Itself (

Groklaw Reader writes: "SCO's bankruptcy is nothing if not interesting. In trying to explain why it gave away one of its patents to a subsidiary right before filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection and why this isn't "fraudulent" it has offered an interesting legal filing to explain itself. Apparently, SCO wants to force the Court's hand in approving their plan to weasel out of this, otherwise SCO will be forced to sue itself. One can only hope."

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